Editing FPL Because of RWY Change?

After you have created your flight plan, and you request pushback, have real life pilots ever changed their flight plan because of a sudden runway change or something?

I ask this because I was doing a flight on Hawaii from PHNL to PHTO, and for you guys that have Hawaii, you know there are huge mountains right behind runway 06. I created my flight plan at PHNL that was originally planned for me to enter right traffic onto a runway, but the winds changed, and the runway that I was going to land at closed. Therefore, I decided to change my FPL in flight so I could enter right base RWY 06. I saw the mountains ahead, and I changed my heading to 40 degrees to the right. I was so focused on fixing my flight plan that I just didn’t see the terrain ahead, and this is what happened… (This is exactly why we need “Terrain Terrain, pull up!”)

So that brings me back to my question. Should you edit your flight plan in flight just because of a runway change?


I believe pilots do this on a regular basis.
Instead of the full flight plan they change their arrival which we don’t have on Infinite Flight.

I would so I have an accurate computerized reference. I turn on the terrain warning so the map will turn red if I’m close to conflicting terrain.

Huh? There’s a way to do that? Teach me…

Select this option from the map page:

Once enabled it should look like this (if there is conflicting terrain based upon your current altitude):

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Heyy… Thanks for the tip! Not sure how I haven’t found out about this before, but this should really come in handy, especially since this was my second time flying in Hawaii.

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IRL pilots have Approach 24h, so when a change happen the Approach frequency vector you, however, if this happen just delete your FPL and enter Downwind then base and final


FPLs in real life are constructed like this:

SID (Departure route)Departure fix (first waypoint in FPL)Airway (Corridor in other words)WaypointAirwayApproach fix (the first fix in the approach plate)STAR (Arrival route)

The approach fix and departure fix stay the same whichever runway is in use.

Another thing to note is that the airway and waypoint part can keep going for very long.

Just to clarify I have two plates or charts here from my local airport.

Runway 03: https://www.aro.lfv.se/Editorial/View/1583/ES_AD_2_ESGG_4-23_en
Runway 21: https://www.aro.lfv.se/Editorial/View/1585/ES_AD_2_ESGG_4-31_en

For example, do you see the fix named “LOBBI” on one chart? Now go to the other one, it will still be there, whichever ruwnay is in use.

This in part then answers your question: No, they do not change as the approach and departure fixes always stay the same.


Most of the time, at least for me… when I’m doing my flight plan and make the route all the way to the destination airport, the runway that’s mark as open (green) is usually the one thats closed. Dont not why. Also you dont have to make the whole flight plan for runway change, just edit it by deleting the approach route and making another one.

I just use basic logic and see what runway is being used and put that into my fpl. Really not hard to figure out :/

I end my flight plans at the airport mode, as opposed to any runway, as lots can change including ATC and Weather while I am flying.

When I’m flying I plan to enter a desired runway but if it’s not possible im in or close to the airspace at pattern altitude so either tower can give me a pattern entry or I can have a look on the smaller map to see what runways are active and then enter where I need too.

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