Edited Weather Conditions Pictutre Trends

In honor of recent posts with edited pics by @Butter_Boi & @Qantas094 and everyone else who has been sharing their great pictures (rainy day / lens flare etc), here is my attempt at some IF edited weather conditions / phenomenons to keep the trend going.

Picture 1 - Rainy day departures YMML, Virgin Australia 737-800s ,Flight plan expert server / YMML-YSSY/22-9-19

Picture 2 - Snowy departures Auckland International, Qantas 787 / Air New Zealand 777 ,Flight plan expert server / NZAA-YSSY/26-9-19

Picture 3 - Lens flare arrivals & departures Singapore WSSS, A380 Singapore Airlines taxiing / Silk Air A320 Arriving from Phuket ,Flight plan expert server / VTSP-WSSS / Pictutre taken in Aug from memory

Picture 4 - Northern Lights attempt captured with QF operating under a charted flight from Sweden to Findland / expert server / picture taken 24-9-19

Picture 5 - Stormy approaches in LAX / Garuda MD-11 Arriving expert server from over night long haul, picture taken 19-9-19 / Airport is temporarily closed due to weather conditions .

Picture 6 - Fogged in YMML Departures once again / expert server / picture taken sept some time /morning departures, thins particular route Adelaide was the destination.



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Thoughts and opinions? Do you like edited pictures or do you prefer non edited pictures? Feel free to share your own bad - extreme weather conditions / phenomenons.

NOTE I forgot to add picture 5 & 6 to the vote Couldn’t be added after 5mins (face palm)



Very hAwTe 🔥


Love the new trend, however to make it realistic, please also include the platform of the airport… it doesn’t make sense if you dont see any “water” on the platform if it is raining

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@Menthesuphisth Hey valid point, thanks! Personally don’t think I’m sold on rainy pictures… but thought would give it a crack, can always improve .

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Love the northern lights one!


These photos are very realistic, good job :)

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Now were talking.

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The rain trend strikes again! But it’s several weather conditions, not just one, and multiple photos too, some variety has struck! In all, I think you struck a great balance of rain/snow with sun/lights and everything in-between. Great job, you struck it out of the park!

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That 5th pic is called a ground stop :)

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Picture quality in a couple can be worked on lol, and while edits don’t appeal to everyone mixes it up a little . Thanks for votes / feedback and comments so far 👍