Edited photos

So I edited some of my photos:) I will have the edited ones then the unedited ones



How did I do:)


Amazing! Loving that FedEx

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Thanks! I almost made it to vibrant but it looks like I fixed it

Thats very nice pictures! 😁 But its littlebit to dark i think… maybe more light. You can also crop a little bit more… 🤔 but very nice pictures! :)

Do you use Lightroom?

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Thanks for the feedback! I use VSCO

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I played around with some of the other things you said



Its much better 👍 try to get the airplane in the middle of the picture. Which camera do you have?


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I use a Canon rebel T6

If you have access to a PC, it might be worth trying to use a full fledged editor for the .raw files where you can apply lens corrections, and simply have a greater control over the editing.

Of course there are programs such as Lightroom, but there is also a fantastic free utility provided with canon called Digital Photo Professional:

It’s then also worth checking out

The guide here is for Lightroom, but the basic principles are the same. Happy editing!