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Hello IFC!

I was going through some posts on the IFC and I see that some posts that have edits have a pencil while others have a pencil in a box. I’ll leave images below, but can someone please explain why that is the case? Thanks!

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The clipboard means it’s a wiki.

The top post is just an edit. Nothing to it.


This is because they have edited the post most times you see this on events because they are constantly adding names.

I know that’s not the case because if you look at the first event, it has 47 edits while the other event has only 36.

Why would an event be a wiki?

No wikis can only be created by regulars TL3 and above

They can be if a Regular or Mod makes it one.

Why would an event be a wiki though?

I’ve never seen an event as a wiki.

@suki1818 so TL3 can add themselves in :)

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The Regulars sometimes hold mass events they turn into a wiki so anyone can be added at any time.

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So I could make this post a wiki and any regular could edit it

The sentence above me is correct -Alex ;)

Haha ;) -Luke


Ahhh, I got it! Thank you so much @Luke_King-kong and @Altaria55!

I made my big fly outs a wiki

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You’re not TL3. How is that possible?

Moderator permission,

A mod did it for me

So for example @elal-virtual’s upcoming event could be made a Wiki if someone requested it?

Only the OP can request and approve it to be a wiki. TL3+ can do it on their own without asking a mod

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You also can’t edit a Wiki unless you are TL3.

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