Edit Icon has Disappeared

Hi, I’m looking to edit my VA thread and I’m unable to.The icon you press to edit is not present. I have edited the thread in the past with no problems. Is there a way I can fix this issue?

Try to make it a wiki, that usually works with older topics


There is no solution other then to get it closed and then make a new one apparently and making it a wiki

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How did this issue start?

When you create a topic, after a certain a period of time, the pencil button will no longer be available. I advise to make your topic a wiki, so you’ll be able to edit your topic in the future. It happened to me before, the same happens with your comments.


How do I make it a wiki

oh really I was unaware of that

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Only Regulars can make wikis… Best to do is to just make a new and fresh Thread :)


with wikis though cant other people edit it or no

With permission of IFVARB right?

I don’t believe IFVARB can give access to users to edit posts but correct me if I’m wrong… And yes, only Regulars can edit and post wikis.


so noone else will be able to edit it besides me or will others be able to?

do you have to contact moderators or staff to make a wiki

As said above, you will need to make a new, fresh Topic… The edit limit tends to be around 3 months. Can you confirm that you haven’t edited your topic in 3 months?


Last time I edited it was August 3 and the 30

I checked with Discourse and it looks like the Community has a Setting set for editing a topic… It is unlikely that a Moderator can give you access to edit your topic but I could be wrong. Best thing to do now is to contact a Moderator via PM so you can get a more direct answer. :)


Alright thanks I went ahead and did that

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