Edinburgh Fly-Out - 13 July

Edinburgh Airport is Scotland’s biggest airport and the UK’s sixth busiest airport. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is home the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood House, the official residence of King Charles III. As well as Edinburgh Castle there are two World Heritage Sites in the city; the Forth Bridge and the Old and New Towns of Edinburgh.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: Edinburgh Airport (EGPH)

Time: 2024-07-13T17:00:00Z

Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Pilot
01B British Airways E190 Florence Peretola @AnotherPilot77
01 United B752 Chicago O’Hare @Olivia12
02 Delta B763 Boston @Cpt-Lucc4
03 United B752 Washington Dulles
04 Delta B752 Atlanta
05 United B763 Newark
06 JetBlue A321 JFK @Prestoni
07 Lufthansa A321 Frankfurt
08 Edelweiss A320 Zurich
09 British Airways E190 Innsbruck @Skyler.Cooper
10 British Airways E190 London City
11 Air France E190 Paris CDG
15 Air Canada B789 Toronto
16 WestJet B789 Calgary
18 Qatar A350 Doha @NonStopsAviation
20 EasyJet A320 Nice
22 Virgin A333 Orlando @United403
24 Norweigan B737 Oslo
26 Lufthansa A319 Munich
27 Jet2 B738 Tenerife South
28 EasyJet A320 Keflavik @Munich453
29 Brussels Airlines A319 Brussels
30 Ryanair B738 Weeze @RazuScorpion
31 EasyJet A320 Basel
32 Ryanair B738 Barcelona
33 Aegean Airlines A320 Athens @whyevenbothernaming
34 Vueling A320 Barcelona
Remote Gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Pilot
101 EasyJet A319 Milan Malpensea
102 Ryanair B738 Malta @MPH258
103 Ryanair B738 Riga
104 Jet2 B738 Rhodes
105 Finnair A319 Helsinki
106 Eurowings B738 Cologne Bonn
308 Loganair CRJ2 [Generic Livery] Isle of Man
309 Loganair CRJ2 [Generic Livery] Stornaway
310 Ryanair B738 Newquay
311 RAF C17 RAF Northolt
312 KLM B739 Schipol
313 NetJets Europe CL35 Farnborough
314 British Airways E190 Mallorca
315 Jet2 B738 Aktion
316 Ryanair B738 Copenhagen
317A Jet2 B738 Faro
317 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin
46B Loganair CRJ2 [Generic Livery] Exeter
Cargo Aprons
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination Pilot
210 Star Air B763 [Generic Livery] Cologne Bonn
211 DHL B752 [Generic Livery] Leipzig

Frequency Controller

*I am not responsible for any violations
*Listen to ATC at all times
*Spawn in 15 minutes before the event starts
*If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly

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Can’t guarantee I’ll be able to attend, but I’ll take this for now

This please

I’ll take Delta B763 to Boston please.

@United403 @Prestoni @Cpt-Lucc4 you’re all signed up!


Thanks!! Can’t wait to fly my beloved butter bus

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Much appreciated thank you so much!

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01 United B752 Chicago O’Hare I will take this pls

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I will take this one

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Can I reserve 1B for now pls. If somebody asks give it to them.

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This please 🥲 (I’m not mentally prepared for this)

But I’ve done a 6 and a half hour flight straight awake so hopefully it won’t be that bad.

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@Olivia12 @RazuScorpion @AnotherPilot77 @NonStopsAviation you’re all signed up!

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Easy Jet A320 to Keflavik please

Signed up!

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This gate, but an Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 to Athens.

Changes made!

Event bump

i will take Innsbruck please

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You’re signed up

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Can I switch to this but going to Weeze