Edinburgh Airport Spotting

Just been to Edinburgh airport have some video and pics how do I show them ? Cheers

You can post your pictures over here using the forums image uploader but unfortunately you cannot upload videos using this feature. Feel free to post your videos on YouTube or Instagram etc and paste the link here.

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Thank you my man I will try to work it out

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Just back from edinburghimage

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Get any pics of the control tower? I love the design and the architecture.

No I never but I’ll get you some …it is pretty cool

Man grrrr I have video but not sure how to upload …was wicked 30 seconds later after it passed you can here the crack and swish …awsome!!!

An easyJet 737. Nice.
Edit: its a Jet2 737.

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I have my fave Norway on video but not how to upload it .

Upload the video to youtube and then paste the link of it here.

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I’m trying but not to good with tech

Or you can upload the video to Instagram and copy and paste the URL.

I’d love to but not got a clue how to ?

Check PM so we don’t go off-topic.


But that’s Jet2?

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https://youtu.be/sjqSB5bS6QI man that was a mission it ain’t even that good

https://youtu.be/oLDRla2S1hM Still not so good but I’ll get better

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