Edelweiss to begin service to Denver International Airport

Switzerland’s premium leisure airline – Edelweiss – begins twice-weekly nonstop service between DEN and Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH) on June 4, 2018. Explore what Edelweiss and Switzerland have to offer and book your trip now!

So excited for this! Denver is just racking up the new international flights. First Copa, now Norwegian, soon WestJet, and within two seasons Edelweiss!
I can’t wait to see all these international tails lining up on Concourse A! It’ll start looking sexy as hell :D
I’ve heard so many good things about Swiss Airlines, so I hope that Edelweiss carries the same.


That’s nice!

I hope that SWISS will expand too. Compared to the destination network Swissair used to offer, the one of SWISS is pretty small.

Nice to see Denver gaining some international attention.


That it is my friend. Best airport in the world (I know just my opinion)


This is nice! I’ve heard fond things of Edelweiss and I think I might need to look into flights with them! I’ve always wanted to go to Zurich, and maybe if I made a connection in Denver, I would definitely love to fly the DEN-ZRH route!

Wow! DEN is expanding like crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few Asian carriers soon!

@Ben would be happy about this. :)

Nice to see Denver getting an influx of international carriers.

I mean it’s called Denver international airport for a reason 😉

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I’ve known about this for a couple months now. That’s wierd. It’s still very exciting though!

Didn’t you make the topic above? I seem to be missing something. 🤔

That topic was outdated and I wanted to ensure things were fresh :D

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As a Denverite myself I’d tend to agree with you. Also, can’t wait for this! I know I’ll be there to spot it coming in on June 4th.

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Oh, I see now! Good idea.

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That’s debateable. I think otherwise…

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That’s why I called it my opinion. You saying I can’t have an opinion? -.-

I back up your opinion! 😉

I’m only joking! Everyone has the right to their own opinions!

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