Edelweiss new livery + LX B77W in FAL

New livery looks gorgeous IMHO! HB-IJU will wear it as of Nov 2015 @Nick_Art

Great news for LX aswell. First B77W photo taken from the FAL.



The new livery looks cool, but I did prefer the old one! It looks like they removed the Edelweiss of the front of the aircraft!

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It looks better now in my opinion. Especially the enlarged flower on the tail really stands out. I guess that makes up for the removal of the front flower :p

Come On SWISS!!!

I hope Infinite Flight made the A320 & B777 livery of SWISS! Please guys!


Still hope for the A319 and A321

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The new Edelweiss looks cool

Hope they add it


the old edelweiss looked so much better :( https://www.flickr.com/photos/114381233@N04/15332063252/in/album-72157647528783749/ How dare they removing the front flower!

Looks good apart from the lettering