Edelweiss Airbus A340-300

Credit: Gerry Stegmeier

Currently in Infinte Flight: NONE.

Reason why I want it to be added: We got no Edelweiss liveries in the simulator, and for some reason, I just like the looks of their livery. I’d like to see this and fly it. Looks good on the A340 :)

Oops thought someone else made it, but when I clicked it, it went to this. Never mind

No one else have requested this so you’re fine.


Edited it abit so it’s easier to find by others ;)

Awesome suggestion! It would be nice if we can see an Edelweiss livery in A340-300 <3

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Oh okay thanks! What did you edit? I still have other feature requests to post.

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Love this livery :)


I completely forgot I requested this haha. Hopefully we can get it when the A330 / A340 full rework

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Wow! Great plane and livery, hope it comes to IF!