Edelweiss Air liveries

Yeah, I’ve never really understood why we can’t use pictures in feature requests? Wouldn’t pictures make it easier for people to understand?

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I don’t make these rules. Philippe did. If you want to change them feel free to send him a PM. Main reason is because the storage space this forum has on Discourse servers is limited and expensive. We’d rather have you guys upload your pictures to Flickr or imgur.com and share the link in your topic.

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Please explain how you can explain this planes livery:/

Also, in the RWA/spotting category you can use pictures, but in features you can’t? Logically, there would be more pictures in spotting, than in features. If you guys have limited storage, why did you bother creating a RWA/spotting category?

Look, they aren’t my rules, and I didn’t create

If you’re going to complain about the rules or you’re questioning why they’re in place you can send Philippe a PM or tag him in a post here

They made it presumably because some people, including me, wanted a spotting category.

Before the category (If you remember or were there), we had 4 100+ reply spotting topics that Philippe seemingly didn’t like. MAybe that helped contribute to the formation lf the category.

Edelweiss A320! Whoop Whoop. (No i can’t just write bump ;) )

Edelweiss Air A320 Liverie, wouldn’t it be awesome?

Come on guys! Help me to make this awesome livery happen!

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Me too, but there’s just one little problem: Infinite Flight isn’t adding the A340-300 anytime soon sadly :/

I would love to see edelweiss liverys

implement Edelweiss!!!

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I’d love to see this happen :)

Bring on Edelweiss!

Any livery looks good on an A340-300 but if that airplane is implemented later in the app’s life, it is crucial to add an Edelweiss one.

A320 and A330 in Edelweiss look great too.

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The chubby Trents on the A340-500s and -600s look hideous. The CFM 56s look so nice. A340-200 and A340-300 are some of my favorite aircraft.

As much as I love the A340 for its growing rarity, the A340-300 is my favorite.

It’s my Edelweiss A340 and I need it now!

I’ll be righr next to you with that!

Bring up my post