Edelweiss Air Callsign

I would like to request the callsign of Edelweiss Air (“Edelweiss”), as it is missing from the airline callsign list and is needed to realistically operate Edelweiss flights.

While there are no Edelweiss liveries in the simulator yet, SWISS operates certain flights on behalf of Edelweiss using their callsign and SWISS aircrafts do exist in the simulator.

Than you for your support!

As Edelweiss is an airline mainly focused on leisure travel with the summer as peak season now would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the callsign, especially as many flights are currently operated by SWISS!

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As I just saw on another topic that this is something that can be rather fast done by the staff, I would greatly appreciate if you could add this callsign as well, which would be absolutely fantastic. Thanks!

Edit: Big apologies for not directly handling this via PM in the first place. Definitely learned from it!


I don’t know about this… We don’t have Edelweiss in IF yet. I guess it could work like Air Transat?

As I wrote above (in normal times) SWISS operates flights for Edelweiss. Also we have many not really used callsign like „Hansaline“ in IF so I don’t think this would be an issue.

Doesn’t matter. I PM’d Cam about Air Serbia’s callsign and he was able to add it despite IF not having the livery in the game.

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Thanks for the reply @AlphaSeven! Probably should just have DMed myself as well… :/

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I’d give it a vote if I could! Hope they can add it!

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