EDDW NR9 and a bit of ETNT (Part 2)

Hello guys,

first of all, i want to thank all of you who are still reading my personal Spotting Series, in the end this is my chapter number 10. I also want to thank everyone who helped me envolving and working on my skills. I would say, enough talking, i again had a very nice time at ETNT and EDDW!

Lets start with ETNT, the little airfield that got more traffic at the moment than Bremen (International) Airport. I had been on a new spot watching the Eurofighter and Skyhawks go out and in:
Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000 touching down at ETNT

A-4N Skyhawk, canadian jet in the stormy north of Germany!

Well, after showing you pictures of 1 jet per picture, i now can top that!
2 EF2000 flying above the field:

Now lets head back to Bremen! We had a very speciel guest here for Landing training, and this Jet would also be a huge and awesome Livery in IF on the A320:
Its D-ANNA, and yes, we call her a pretty Girl, we are proud that she is from Bremen!

This is the best Livery in Germany, maybe even in Europe!!

We also had some othere Guest that day, like this old YAK who is a bigger Highlight for Bremen then ANNA:

With EDDW NR9 Part 2, it will be the last time you hear from me for a unknown time, with Corona, it is hard to present new Planes and improve skill, i will move over to Landscape timelapses and maybe in the Late Summer, i will be back with Part Number 10!

I am thankful to the ATC who told me that i should check tutorials on the forum. The forum is a awesome place with nice people, i try to fix my IF to get some more flight hours, see you in the skies, stay safe and thank you to all who read and reply!

See you soon


Great shots! Keep it up!

I’m out of likes though :(

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Great shots! Thanks for posting!

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Cool shots!

I’ve seen the Top Aces A4 on FR24 over the North Sea doing training missions.

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if you use other flight tracker, you can also see the Eurofighter, they are nearly daily above the north sea

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