EDDW NR9 and a bit of ETNT (Part 1)

Hey Guys, i am back with Part 9 of my spotting adventures and today it will be the first time that i showcase some pictures that were not made at EDDW, it was a crazy day so prepare for some story telling!
March, 30, 2020: Well, now also the airport of Bremen has no passenger flights anymore, KLM was the last airlines to stop flying. I thought that i would have 2 or more boring weeks, i thought.

March 31, 2020: Well, at least 2 flights are planned for today at EDDW. Two times a big beast, beautiful! So my plan for today was looking like this:

  1. get some nice music!
  2. take out my bicycle for a 30min drive to EDDW.
  3. Get both BGA Aircrafts!
  4. Drive home and take a look to the planes.

so i would have at least 2 Hours of time spending for 2 Aircrafs, i thought.
Well, now thinks get a bit weird.
I called the boyfriend of my sister that noone is at home because i would be spotting, he has no key. I thought he would be mad that he has to wait 2 Hours, but no: “Hey i am home in 30minutes, i need something to do, you can come with my, i drive you to the Airport”. Yes, so no need to spend a total of 60minutes on my bicycle. He picked me up and we drove to the airport to make some pictures:

First Movement for me, a A330 fly for Airbus Transport International:

Second Movement of the Day, a A300 flying for Airbus Transport International:

After the A300 touched down, we saw a Helicopter flying above us and landing not far away. We took our cameras and hunted the Helicopter , we tracked it down somewhere near a shopping Mall, and we were right!
Eurocopter EC135 P2E ADAC, the yellow angels!

(For your information, if there would have been a patient onboard, we would have not taking pictures, the only people onboard were the Pilot and Co-Pilot)
I recognized that i know the pilot, and he knows who i am, so he showed of his helicopter:

He turned his helicopter sideways, stayed there for 20 seconds, turned it a bit further to show his side also to my friend who had been staying 20meters to my right, before he turned back and climbed out.

Now it gets even crazier, the boyfriend of my sister asked me, if there would be other aircrafts or helicopter in the region, and as a joke i said: “Only two Fighter Jets from a Nato base near Wittmund”
“Well, how long do we need to drive there?” was his answer. I think we both thought in that moment “Oh yes, lets hunt them down” and we started driving toward Wittmund. 1 hours and 9minutes we should normally need, but yeah you maybe now the german Autobahn, no traffic because corona, so we drove a bit faster to be in Wittmund after 40minutes. Yes… German Autobahn even allows 190km/h… i dont liked it but what dont we do for Aircrafts?

The first of the 6 Jets we missed, we were 10miutes to late. And yes, when we arrived there were 5 jets still out somewhere in the skies of Lower Saxony. When we arrived, the action hailed down and we were supprised by those beautiful Jets:
First in the row, a beautiful Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000(T):

For this German Air Force Jet, we were to far away from the spot, but i was on fire to get my first picture of a fighter Jet.

Inbound 2 and 3 were Canadian Jets (Top Aces), a a McDonnell Douglas A-4N Skyhawk and a Dornier Alpha Jet A:

Inbound 4 and 5 were two German Eurofighter Typhoon EF2000(T):

After this, a local Spotter had been driving with us around the south side of the airport to show us 4 cool Spots at the Airport. When it was time to say good bye, i saw the the firefighters were taking postion next to the runway. I saw it first: “Hey Guys, the Firefighters are back, looks like action incoming” We were jumping into our cars to drive back to the “Crashgate” to wait for the departure and while the sun was going further down, we still waited…

But Finally, 31+28 had his awesome comeback in the sun:

For everyone, if you have the chance to hear the roarind sound of a fighter jet, taking off 100meters away, take the chance and you will love the unbelivable sound of those jets!

Part 2 of EDDW NR9 will be released soon!
i Hoped you liked it, i love to keep up this spotting series, my skills improved a lot in the last 15months


Horrible shots, you can do better.

Jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk Happy april fool’s!!!

Those shots are AMAZING! I absolutely love the 2nd beluga! The last one is stunning too!

Great job! Keep it up!


thank you thank you, for a second i forget which day is today :o
I can do better, but therefor i think i may need 2 or 3 months, i mean there are no planes to train at the moment

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Those are some fantastic shots! The last one is my favourite.

It’s mainly commercial aircraft that are posted here on the forum. It’s nice to see a range of different and uncommon aircraft types. Although I’m not too keen on the two-seater Eurofighter. The canopy looks very long and wide. I’ve never seen a two-seater one before which is probably why it looks odd to me, but hey-ho. Great pictures!

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The Eurofighter has two main different models, the EF2000 (30+98) and the EF2000(T) (31+28). The 2000 is for one pilot and the 2000(T) is for one pilot and a Trainer (2000T=2000Trainer). but the T version can also been flown alone

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