EDDW NR8, half year gone, my improvments!

It ´was the 9th Februar when i started planespotting, from my garden xD On that day i just took some pictures of a CRJ900LR flying from Bremen to Munich. Now, 6 Months and 15 Days later i have some time to take a look back, and what i saw wasnt what i expected. Within seconds i saw how my big improvments!

Those pictures will show how i got better over the last months.

Februar 2019:
In Februar i was happy about those pictures, until today i havent been to the airport without sunlight, possibly i should do that again soon xD

March 2019:
The location was wrong, i should have moved earlier that day, but i havent cared at those days. By the way, i got the Beacon light.

April 2019:
I had been away from home for long parts of april, but i also spend some hours at the airport! I would already say that we have the first improvments here, but i failed because of the light.

May 2019:
Some time ago i have visited Berlin to take some nice pictures, but why did i tried to get planes that were so far away?

June 2019:
Back to EDDW, i found some better spots to get closer, well with 300mm i am already close, but i dont want to have always use 300mm xD This Eurowings A320 taxied to the end of the runway cause he had been too fast at the last exit.

June 2019:
First time i spotted a A321Neo, that day i had been sitting at Fuhlsbüttel Airport in Hamburg. I had a nice day there, the other planespotter i met there were all 30-50 Years older than me, but the had a lot og knowledge.

July 2019:
i would say nothing, i just love this picture. I started to use cover to get sharper pictures while the sun is shining. I am happy how my skills improved, i hope you like this small story, hope u liked it and i will improve further the net six months, Planespotting caught me


Those improvements are great, I live the A321neo and the Pegasus A320. Great job!

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What camera do you use?

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Wow! These are absolutely stunning!

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Thanks, by the way i saw that i spotted D-AIZQ A320 Eurowings in May at Berlin Tegel and one month later in Bremen.

@Sean_McCormack Canon Eos 100D, for close stuff i have a 18mm -> 55mm lense and for spotting a 75mm -> 300mm lense, both arent the best but i get better with the camera

I can tell you a nice fact, pegasus is flying the A320-251N so all the time a pgs A320 come to EDDW, it is a NEO

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Didn’t look closely, nice to know it’s a neo. Seems like you’ll see quite a few

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I am lucky, like 4 months ago we had around 1 NEO every week, but now we have 1-3 a daz xD

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