EDDW NR6 | Mistakes were made | New Airline!

This is Part number 6 of my spotting trips around the Airport in Bremen. Sunday was a very sunny day and i had been around in the Region a lot, and then it happend.

When I arrived the approach path for RWY 09 I havent found my tele object for the camera, obly a 55mm lens to use. There was no time left and the first aircraft’s were on final:

Lets begin with this horror, a A321 from Turkey on approach
Same happend with this Embraer and it was looking bad, I changed position to get a better view:
Only a minute after changing my position the Beluga came in, just a big bauty.

Our yellow heroes, ADAC Ambulance Jet approaches 09

And that was it, I had time to get my tele objective for the next two arrivals an hour later:
HOP! from France, just a beautiful approach

And the best pic of the day:


See my instagram for more pictures from my spotting adventures, today I will hunt a special plane!!


Nice photos - keep up the good work

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Thanks @BennyBoy_Alpha , today I have a HUGE reason to keep up the great work.

Planespotting is such a beautiful hobby, I need to go to other cities and soon I will spend a hole day at EDDW

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I thought the ADAC Ambulance jet was a Spirit Turboprop! :))

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Haha spirit flies some thousand miles away from eddw

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