EDDW NR5 | New Location | New Airline

Today i went to the Airport for the fifth Time. Today I caught a new Airline and tried out a new location at the other end of the airport. Here are my best pictures from today:

Ryanair 737 departing via 27

Another Ryanair 737 on final

And here is the bad point of the new Location, high fence, bushed and trees but the landing is still visible

The good point: Planes ofter fly above the fence for some seconds. Lufthansa Cityline ERJ-190LR

Bad Point: Hold short at 27 is behind the fence…

Before I show you the Airline that I caught for the first time I show you a picture from the departing ERJ-190STD that I took from my “old” location

And Guy’s: Here is the new Airline:

HOP on Final!

And then from the “old” location the HOP departing

Hope you liked those pictures today again!


They are very nice pictures: however, you can give them to a group of nice member here on IFC on THIS thread!

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Thanks, but can they remove fences an those bushes away?

I still like those pictures because the focus still focused the plane and not the pieces of wood or metal

I’m not sure, you can post it, describe what you want them to do with it and someone will do something such as @GaplessHiding or @Pro_FS.

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Thank you for this information, when I have a problem like that I will post it there

Isn’t hop like the regional airline for Air France? Like how Singapore has Scoot etc? Also I like that KLM take off a lot :D

We could probably fix some (=

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@Lufthansa2 yes it is even written on the ERJ. HOP! for airfrance is written over the wing

@Ondrej @Pro_FS but isnt that a lot of work? I mean take a look at the Dash 8 Q400… whole picture would need a fix

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There you can see it much better

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The dash seems like a lost cause… I could do the 2nd and 4th tho.

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Actually I like the Dash. It’s an original picture. Looks like a hidden gem you managed to take in photo

Yeah I know I’m going pretty far…

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@Q-ENAN haha but i understand you, alliance liveries are just awesome, spezial liveries are mostly rare and new liveries are sometimes beautiful. Diversity in aviation is just there too fall in love

@Pro_FS i think the pictures just look a bit more alive so if you want you can do but i dont need them to be repaired. Possible i ask you when something went horribly wrong

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