EDDW NR12 The first Winter with Corona has passed by

Hey Guys! my personal spotting series goes into Part 12.

Planespotting during the pandemic is very difficult, we have only a small amount of traffic, only some Airlines still fly to EDDW, Bremen International Airport. But this doesnt stop me, i still drive to the Airport multiple times a week to catch some good pictures!
Visiting the Airport gives me some daily structur, hunting down the Planes that i havent catched yet.

But lets get into the action!
One of the most special arrivals of the Winter was coming from China. Wamos Air transported medical equipment from China to Bremen, arriving in a rare snowy day:

-Wamos Air
-Airbus A330-223

Another Big Boy visiting Bremen: Roman Abramovich! Some people say he was choosing a carpet for his new yacht in Bremerhaven:

-Global Jets Luxembourg
-Boeing B767-33A(ER)

During the pandemic, the Air Forces of Europe visit out city-airport more often. For example, the dutch visited us with a small jet:

-Royal Netherlands Air Force
-Gulfstream IV

Another Air Force that visited us in 2021: The British also made their way to our airport:

-Royal Air Force
-Airbus KC2 Voyager (A330-243MRTT)

Of course, when i say the Air Forces of Europe visited us, their are more countries, right? right! Also the Norwegians visited us with their P-3C:

-Norwegian Air Force
-Lockheed P-3C Orion

Well, you know that i am spotting in Bremen, so do you know what is missing? yes… the germans are missing, and i never got a good picture of the German P-3C or the German A400M, but i will show you what i got:

-German Navy
-Lockheed P3-C Orion

-German Air Force
-Airbus A400M-180

The A400M is the new Cargo Aircraft of my Nation, the old transall is slowly removed out of fleet, but there is one Transall, that i defenitly needed to spot. To get this Aircraft, i went to Hamburg, EDDH:

-German Air Force
-Transall C-160 (Goodbye Tour Livery)

This will be it for now. Maybe i forgot a special movement, maybe i keep something up for the next episode, but who knows?
I am thankful for everyone who keeps reading my posts, this time it was very much military movements in my region, i hope you enjoyed this post, if you are new to my series, check out my other posts!

I still evolve my photography skills, my picture get better and better over time, but this is still a hobby, i am having fun at the airport, and that is more important than taking only perfect shots!

See you guys in the skies of IF!


Very nice pictures! Great that you managed to catch some specials during these low traffic times, including some widebodies we rarely see in Germany and the special livery Transall. Great work, thanks for sharing!

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Wow! That’s in impressive collection of military aircraft and private. Great shots!

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Great Photos 🙂

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Thank you for your praise @JulianB , it is hard to get informations sometimes and i got the transall C160 and the Norwegian P-3C Orion as a “last minute spot” because i nearly missed them. Still i am happy that the Airport is not dying, and soon there will be new airlines, i cant wait for them :)

Sadly, i had to spend a lot of time to get such a collection, the Wamos Air picture is from January (at least it believe that) and the Norwegian P3-C had been in Bremen a week ago or so @Aviation108. But spending time with a hobby is always nice


It is definitely sometimes hard to get information on such special traffic and especially if the overall traffic is low, this can get bothering at times… Still always very rewarding to catch a special once in a while, isn’t it? :)

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