EDDW NR11 Small Airport, Big surprises! (The best Traffic of 2020)

I had been gone for half a year, now i am back and the Summer was awesome!

Bremen is a small Airport, 2kilometers of Runway, A330 is the biggest , but still one of the rarest Visitor in Bremen. EDDW is a normal airport, and if you are not daily there, you might think this airport is a normal airport without great traffic.

Before i start to write a book again, like i did in Part 10, i am now showing you pictures of the best Trafic in 2020:

Lets start with two very small Aircrafts. They are operated by Kenn Borek Air, used by the German Alfred-Wegener-Institut for supporting the Polarstern, a German research Vessel. I think you already see, there are very special factors for the 2 Planes, and they are worth to visit Bremen, but they are very Rare. I hunted them 16 Months before i got these pictures:

C-GAWI Basler BT-67 Kenn Borek Air Flight: EDDW-EDDW

C-GAWI Basler BT-67 Kenn Borek Air Flight: ENTC-EDDW

C-GHGF Basler BT-67 Kenn Borek Air Flight: EDDW-EDDW

Both had been build during WW2, and they are very special due to their research purpose.

Later that Summer we had a BIG BOY in Bremen. For a special transport, the one and only civil AN22A set curse to EDDW! It was a special day, i missed the landing due to school, then rushed to the Airport for the Departure:

UR-09307 AN-22A Antonov Design Bureau Flight: EDDW-EDDP

Definitly the biggest Prop that visited our City Airport!

There had even been Spotters from Belgium, Austria and even from Leipzig at our fence, it was a crazy Day with incredible action:

Small Trainer Jet infront of a BIG BIG BOY!!

I already mentioned the Cargo flights to Bremen in my Part 10 of this spotting series. Next to that, we also had one new Airline in Bremen in 2020, Voyage Air from Bulgaria!
LZ-TER Voyage Air B735 Flight: LBWN-EDDW

Also Wideroe visited us with their new E2 Jet. It way a charter for the Alfred-Wegener-Institut to change Crew of the Polarstern!
LN-WEA Wideroe ERJ190-E2 Flight: ENTC-EDDW

(Like always in Spring, the North of Germany, we had fog and rain)

The Highlight of Januar had been Helvetic, using their brand new ERJ190-E2 to Bremen City Airport
HB-AZA Helvetic ERJ190-E2 Flight: EDDW-LSZH

And on the last picture, i have a newcomer of Airbus Transport International. This Whale made his first flight to Bremen in 2020, now he is already a common visitor, but there is always magic in the Air when this extra large boy lands!

F-GXLH Airbus Transport International A330-743L Beluga XL Flight: EGNR-EDDW

I hope you like the pictures, I think i made some big improvments in 2020

What do you think about small airport, “small but whoaa” or “small and boring”?

I hope you have a nice day, stay safe and clear skies in IF!


Some very cool pictures! The AN-22 is a real beast, noisy but also rather impressive. The E2 and Beluga must be my favourites though, really well captured and such great looking planes!

Thanks for sharing!


That Antonov 😍😍

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Smaller airports do have intresting traffic from time to time, thats for sure. By the way great photos! Thanks for sharing.

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Boy am I lovin’ those DC-3’s!

Great photos overall @TYTY, the Antonov and the E2 must’ve been cool spots as well!

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Thank you MADCAT, JulianB and Butter_Boi!

@Butter_Boi i enjoy every hour i am at the fence, spotting is so great. For example, a lot of Europeans dont like ryanair. The Flight from London to Bremen is inactive at the moment, and i accidentally spotted the last flight (without knowing it) and it was EI-DCL, the dreamliner Livery of Ryanair.

It is always cool, talking to other spotters, watching the Apron and then get the runway action xD

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