EDDW Nr 7, it got late

Yes Guys, my personal spotting experience series goes into a part 7. After the sun was very bad placed at some days i decided to start using it for good pictures and yes, see the pictures by yourself:

I searched a nice spot for 20 minutes while driving around the approach area with bycicle and finally i found this spot where i spotted this Wizz Air A320 from Kiev!

immediatly i changed my camera settings, turned around and took this picture while the A320 was coming closer to the ground.

Next one was this Dornier Do 328JET from Sun Air flying for British Airways, all the time i see it, people stop and take a look on this small beauty!

Same thing like i mentioned earlier, changed my camera settings and luckly i got the clouds behind coloured by the Sun! only a little bit but it looks awesome.

As i already posted in another topic i spotted a Lufthansa A319 while moving into the city a little bit later that day:

i just love the reflection in the Tail section of the plane, you can see how the sun is going down to end my sptting trip.

What do you Guys think of different weather? Do you only go to the Airport with blue sky or also when there is rain/snow or fog? How often do you go to the airport to try something out?
I would like to discous that with you, also how i could improve the Quality of those pictures!

Have safe skies and a good day


I mean, I’d prefer it to be sunny every time but obviously that isn’t going to work out all the time. Honestly sunny is so much better than any other weather condition. You can use faster shutter speeds, lower ISOs, you get cleaner images, you don’t have contrast issues, you don’t freeze to death, etc, etc


In my case it would be kind of bad because I would burn to death.

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I like those pics! Great job! I normally try to go when it’s clear/sunny.

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Thanks, i always try to take some new kinds of pictures, always blue sky got boring at EDDW

@AndrewWu my only problem is the ISO setting, especially at fast moving objects it have to be the right setting and sometimes I just use wrong ones

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If it’s about fast moving subjects, I think shutter speed is what you’re talking about. Try setting it to 1/500 and play around with the other settings from there.

Here are some tips:

  • The first four photos are backlit, so try and get a view of the aircraft that the sun is shining on.
  • Crop the photos so that you are focusing on the aircraft and not the surrounding terrain.
  • Try and get the whole aircraft in the photo, the first picture had most of the aircraft, but not the right wing.

Other than those critiques, the pictures are very good. Especially the Lufthansa A319! Good luck on the rest of your spotting!

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Nice pics 👍🏽

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I love the Lufthansa A319!

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Front landing light of the A319 of Lufthansa makes me sick!
Quite amazing your thread!
Good work.

I hope you don’t mind, I downloaded these images and edited them. I hope you like and FULL CREDIT GOES to yourself.

And great shots btw 😍

I have now deleted them after editing them. image image

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@baseball_inferno i just tried to get a position where the plane is between me and the sun, in that case i dont want to get the plane detailed

@Jack_BC the edit of the Dornier looks amazing, i just love it, in the second picture it looks very good and i have huge respect in your picture editing skill


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