Can someone please tell me what IFATC AaronC is doing at EDDT right now? I was informed that he was giving me radar vectors for the 08L approach at EDDT. At first, everything was going great. After he instructed me to turn right near VIBIS and LANUM, he totally forgot about me. I’m not sure if he’s trying to ignore me or just forgot about me. I’ve tried to contact him multiple times but I’ve never got a response ever again. Now I’m still flying north towards the direction he gave me and I’ve flown to Denmark already. It would be greatly appreciated if somebody can explain to me what is happening.

Airspace is veeery busy so don’t be surprised if you’re forgotten about.

Yeahhhh, don’t do that.

Just be patient my friend, he will get to you when he can. It is very busy :)

contact @Aaron.C to discuss this with him, other people shd not speculate what exactly happened