EDDM to LSZH with Swiss A319

Today I flew from EDDM (Munich) to LSZH (Zurich) with the Airbus A 319 in Swiss livery and got some fantastic shots. Also thanks to the IFATC at Munich and Zurich who did a amazing job as always. I hope you enjoy!

Servers: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus A319-200 with Swiss livery
flight time: 30 minutes

Taxiing to runway 08R

Holding short runway 08R and a Boeing 737BBJ on final

Departing out of EDDM

The Alps in the background

In the right corner is Friedrichshafen Airport and on the other side of the lake is St. Gallen Airport. The route between these two airports (doesn’t exist anymore) took 12 minutes in average to fly and was the shortest commercial international route.

Pretty low approach to LSZH

Landing at runway 34 in Zurich pretty small in the background

At park position and a BA 787 in the background

I hope you enjoyed!
Have a good one


Is it you that making LSZH-EDDM now?

No my in-game name is Maximilian and my callsign varies