EDDM landing wing view

Hello today I flew from EGLL to EDDM. I took the A350 out for a spin. It was a eventful flight… I forgot a few things 🙄 @NorAviator97 took a cool picture. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

servers: Expert
Time: About 2 hours
Route: EGLL -> EDDM

Some picture with a new angle. Landing at EDDM runway 08R

Thanks for viewing this topic. 🙂


Oh wow that’s best wing angle I have seen so far

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That’s a really cool view! I’m guessing it’s from the cargo hold? 😎

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I moved around on free cam for about 8 minutes 😅

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It’s Qantas’ Project Sunrise cargo hold plane! 😂

I really love the angle, that time was well worth it

Wow! Perfect angle and perfect lighting!

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Thanks a lot @Alex_Agamemnon

I hope so, it was about noon 😂