EDDL Expert server "American 2"

Just a reminder that even on Expert Server if IFATC goes off line it does not mean that there is a rush to land and ignore standard traffic procedures.

About an hour ago on Expert both EDDL approach and TWR logged off, I was in bound from the North East whilst others where in bound from the West. When APR logged off I slowed down a bit in order to slot into a gap behind two of the guys inbound from the west. Was at the top of the ILS and had called on final when the third guy from the West called base and then quickly on to final, I had slowed down as the guy ahead was just landing but this guy kept up the speed and overtook me! This was when I called going around and joined the que of other inbounds from the West.

If your call sign was “American 2” user name “The Plane”, then suggest that you reattend ground school before joining Expert Server again!


Read my post. Yes I did go around, ATC had just gone off air which is when he cut the courner.

No name calling there, was very polite in saying that what happened. It’s called an Air Safety Report in the real world.


Oh I see you edited your post after as well…interesting.

To answere you edited question, I didn’t go around straight away as I first of all had right of way (was on the glide slope) and I couldn’t believe that someone on Expert would behave like they did on TS1.

Oh, ok… I thought you weren’t allowed to name call, my bad, sorry.

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Yeah, it happens, there are always people that act normal when ATC is around but act like a TS 1 person would do when ATC is offline. Just report, that’s literally the only thing you can do.

A similar thing happened to me where tower cleared me to line up and wait. Waited a few min for take off clearance and tower went offline. The plane coming inbound was about to land despite having should go around. I announced take off via unicom and he was right behind me landing as I was taking off, both planes on the runway at the same time.

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Hope you reported them. I have been seeing some suspicious behavior on the expert server lately too.

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I was trying to fly from EDDL and i was trying to take pff from 23r (i was @B06) so i was asking for crossing runway 23L and i was permitted to do so.
And as i was heading to runway 23L i saw an airplane on the runway and i stopped immediately .
Few seconds later the controller asked me to stop and right away he told me to check for assistance and few seconds latter i saw he was ghosted me and reported me.
And i was downgradd to grade 2.
He made this huge mistake and I’m paying the price. …
The airport was EDDL
my call sign was monarch 007
It was on 19/3/17 about 19:30 Zulu time.
Pls help me to solve this issue

Yes reported them, but I don’t think that only receiving one report will tell them. Hence why I created this thread, not to name call them, but as they where very new grade 3 according to their stats they may not have the experience to know that they have done something wrong (good chance not even on the forum).


Maybe the reporting system should change. Lets say after X amount of flight hours without a violation, you can report 1 user in X amount of time to “ghost” them. That way well deserving and trusted pilot get to use such power. To prevent abuse, you’d have to make the time between violations insane (like 6 months to a year). It would also be nice to have a textbox to write in the reason for reporting them. Just an idea.

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