Eddie Lee ATC Tracking thread (Closed)


Fly though all the airport which has runway 23L, 23R if you hear “you are in active airport…” You are in right place.


Look in the main topic genius. This is the community where you’re required to read and find things out on your own or be shunned. So read the high speed topic of this thread before you come here being all brilliant.


Or you could just say where, rather than scrolling though 80+ posts


You obviously read the part that asks you to put the airport in the title then


I got something for that brb.


Don’t bother, I’m off to bed, little interest in helping anyone so rude


You just did. Fixed. Thanks.


Hey! Great controlling!

I was wow 1305

I’m new at this also. So, I don’t have much feedback to give you. Just one question. In the last run why did you cleared me twice? I announced I was on left base doing a full stop to let you know that it was a full stop since you had last cleared me for the Option. I think just a Roger would been fine.

All the other instructions feel fine, I think the handover was great. Transition altitud was according to the manual. Pattern entry also according to manual. For me it felt the timing of the instructions was right.


Second clear you were giving me a heads up that you were no longer doing a pattern (valuable information not all pilots will announce) my second clear Not Needed. I suppose roger would be good enough I’m not curtain. Btw good seein ya fly. Thanks for coming by.