EDDF Tower not visible

I was on final rwy 07c at EDDF.
@mkwiecek (I think as I can see the ground frequency) send me a guard message but I can’t tune into tower because there is no frequency available.
I’m Asiana 541 Super.

This is a common issue that sometimes arises. The controller was made aware and has restarted his session. Should be working as normal now :)

I saw that he restarted his session but again only ground is available.

I have restarted the app. Can you tell me if you can see my tower frequency open? @HerrMrSir

At the moment I can only see your ground frequency open, no ATIS or Tower.

@HerrMrSir enter straight in 07C. Number 3. Cleared to land

Once you land, exit runway and contact ground. I’ll keep in mind you’re NORDO

Your frequency is showing for me. I just spawned in.

Alright, thanks.
(Cleared to land runway 07C Asiana 541 Super)

Ahh I can see your frequency now! :)

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Yay! Third times a charm!

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