EDDF to LFSQ 737-900’s first ride

Took a crack at the next available aircraft in the Being line up diving into the 737-900. Was a decent little hop not the most exciting scenery but great seat time. This It’s really just a short flight out of curiosity as I figured it wouldn’t be much 737-800 and it wasn’t so I took the opportunity to work on my first moonshot.

Aircraft: 737-900 Jet Airways
Arrival: LFSQ
Duration - :31
Server: Casual


Nice pictures and I like the livery!

Finally a post without the Airbus A350. 🤭

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You got it!
Haven’t even tried any of the update craft, but will be posting from C172 hops over the next couple days. Stepping up to the 747 tonight, hopefully she comes down in the same condition as I send her up.