EDDF Massive Fly-Out

Welcome you all to the EDDF fly-out. Frankfurt is on of the biggest airports of Germany and has flights going to everywhere around the world. It harbors many jumbo A380s. Also a very surprising fact is that EDDF has no departures/arrivals during late night to early morning so the airport is usually closed and only transit passengers are allowed to stay.

Server: Expert

Airport: EDDF

Gate Assignments

Terminal Concourse Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Duration Pilot
1 A East A11 Lufthansa Manchester A320 2 hours
1 A East A13 Lufthansa Billund A320 1hr 45mins
1 A West A14 Lufthansa Budapest A320 1hr 30mins
1 A East A15 Lufthansa Tunis A320 2hrs 20mins
1 A West A16 Lufthansa Warsaw A320 1hr 30mins
1 A East A17 Lufthansa Munich A320 1hr 05mins
1 A West A18 Lufthansa Naples A320 2hrs
1 A East A19 Lufthansa Billind A320 1hr 20mins
1 A West A20 Lufthansa Tallinn A320 2hrs 30mins
1 A East A21 Lufthansa Saint Exupery A320 1hr 30mins
1 A West A22 Lufthansa Greven CRJ-900 1hr 10mins @United403
1 A East A23 Lufthansa London A320 1hr 40mins @poncho41
1 A West A24 Lufthansa Leipzig E190 1hr 20mins
1 A East A25 Lufthansa Amsterdam A320 1hr 30mins
1 A West A26 Swiss Geneva A220 1hr 10mins
1 A West A28 Lufthansa Dublin A319 2hrs 15mins
1 A West A30 Lufthansa Stuttgart A319 1hr 10mins
1 A West A34 Lufthansa Salzburg A319 1hr 10mins
1 A West A36 Lufthansa Bologna A319 1hr 30mins
1 A West A38 Lufthansa Algiers A319 2hrs 45mins
1 A West A40 Lufthansa Bremen A319 1hr
1 A West A50 Lufthansa Hong Kong A340-600 12hrs 30mins
1 A West A52 Lufthansa Sau Paulo B747-800 11hrs 50mins
1 A West A54 Emirates Dubai A380 6hrs 30mins
1 A West A58 Air Canada Toronto 767-3 9hrs
1 A West A62 Vistara New Delhi 787-9 8hrs
1 A West A66 Japan Air Tokyo 787-9 13hrs 210mins
1 A West A69 Air India New Delhi 787-8 7hrs 20mins
1 C C11 Emirates Dubai 777-2LR 6hrs
1 C C13 United Airlines Washington 777-200ER 9hrs 20mins
1 C C14 Turkmenistan Airlines Ashgabat 777-200LR 5hrs 30mins
1 C C15 Lufthansa Barcelona A330-300 2hrs
1 C C16 Lufthansa Riyadh A330-300 5hrs 30mins
1 C C4 Qatar Airways Doha 777-300ER 5hrs 45mins
1 C C5 Air China Beijing 777-300ER 9hrs
1 C C6 Turkish Airlines Istanbul 777-300ER 2hrs 30mins
1 C C8 Thai Airways Bangkok 777-200ER 11hrs 10mins
2 D D1 Ethiopian Airways Addiss Ababa A350-900 7hrs 10mins
2 D D4 Singapore Airlines Singapore A350-900 12hrs 30mins
2 D D5 Turkish Airlines Istanbul A330-300 2hrs 50mins
2 D D8 lufthansa Kuwait A330-300 5hrs 40mins
2 E E2 Lufthansa Singapore B747-8 12hrs 20mins
2 D E5 Korean Air Seoul 787-9 12hrs 10mins
2 E E6 Vietnam AIrlines Ho Chi Minh City 787-9 11hrs 18mins
2 E E9 United Airlines Newark 767-300 10hrs 10mins
F213 Lufthansa Cargo Mexico City 777F 12hrs 25mins
F215 Lufthansa Cargo Chennai 777F 9hrs
F216 Lufthansa Cargo Tokyo 777F 13hrs 20mins
F231 Aerologic Tashkent 777F 5hrs 50mins
F232 Aerologic Chicago 777F 9hrs 10mins
S501 Aerologic New York 777F 8hrs 20mins

Many more gates can be added so please let me know if you want to fly another aircraft or route.

For those who want to fly in also it is possible of course. Just let me know a gate so i can assign it for you.

Ground -
Tower -
Approach -
Center Munchen -
Center Amsterdam -
Center REIMS-


  1. I am not responsible for violations
  2. Follow ATC instructions
  3. If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  4. No pattern work
  5. Have Fun and enjoy.

Pease let me know if any mistakes are made and need to be corrected. Always open for your feedback.

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