EDDF - LSGG Frankfurt Flyout

Today, I attended @CaptainAli_yt’s Frankfurt flyout event and tbh, it was AWESOME!
Here some pictures I shot
Aircraft: A220-300
Airline: Swiss International Airlines,
Mach: 0.79
Altitude: 28,000ft
Server: Expert

Sitting at the gate at Frankfurt Gate B10

Taking off with @CaptainAli_yt in the Lufty A320

Cruising over Switzerland with The Alps to our left

Descending into hilly Geneva

BUTTAH landing at Geneva

Unloading Passengers and Cargo with that lovely PW1000G

Once again, Thank you so much for @CaptainAli_yt for hosting the Frankfurt Flyout!! It was so much fun


Nice shots. Gotta love the Swiss A220.

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Thank you! The Swiss A220 is such a beautiful aircraft

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Nice pictures!!

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Nice shots @canton !
I personally like the one with the alps !

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Nice Shots!

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Thank you !

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