EDDF Expert Server

Hello everyone,

A few minutes ago I was on the approach to EDDF and shortly before the final about 2NM still on the 07C an idiot came towards me who had just taken off from the 25C.
I then initiated a going around and wanted to find out who this GUY was, I only know his identifier.

And now it gets even worse, after I’m back on course EDDF, I was finally able to land, but couldn’t leave the runway because a UNITED who didn’t have an IFC account blocked my way.
And it also starts from the 25C.

How can it be that they can simply authorize what they want.

Where are the strict rules that have to be followed?
Both have 380 hours under their belt and none of them are correct.

According to my request, it would be better if they are new and flying on Casual Server is not an IFC account MANDATORY, from Training Server the newbies should then decide, IFC Account yes or no, if yes they would then receive permission to fly on Training Server , if you choose no, you will always stay on the casual server.

You also want to be able to tell users what they did wrong or write anything to make it better.

If the user is inactive after 45 days, I would then send a warning before the account is deleted again.

It’s just annoying that they don’t have an IFC account and want to fly the way they want.

To the IF makers, you have to do something about it.

Best Regrads

  • Vinny


i don’t think that calling someone an idiot would solve it


Yeah, I apologize for that CHOICE OF WORD, but it really upset me.

People can look at the situation where is GREEN and where is RED.
If you’re too lazy for that, then you should stop flying.


maybe he may have overreacted a teeny bit (maybe was just mistake), but I totally understand why VI-NNY was quite mad. go arounds can be very frustrating, and the fact that he took off from the wrong runway (tailwind) is very annoying too especially for people who wants realism


I get it, it sucks. Unfortunately, without ATC or Supervisors there’s not a whole lot to do. I’ve been wanting for increased requirements for a while. But until or if that happens, there’s nothing to do…
There will always be people out there who just wants to annoy others, or simply doesn’t care, it´s annoying as He Double Hockey Stick, but without ATC or Mods/Supervisors, there’s nothing to do.
Hope you had a nice flight anyways!


the problem with increasing reqs is that it removes the access from actually realistic grade 3s from the expert server that were originally super excited about finally being allowed to the highest tier, then being removed access from it because of some selfish players who know not much about the game.
I get it, I’m grade 3, 400 landings take a REALLY long time and to upgrade to G4/G5

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As well as an account on here, I feel there needs to be a step through guide process where it talks you through stuff in the game before you can fly on the expert server.

I know there’s YouTube videos and the user guide, both of which were helpful when I first started, but it does feel like many don’t even bother to read up/watch these.

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Here’s some logic for all of you.

Increased requirements/increased friction (tests, mandatory courses etc) to access the server = Less eligible users
Less eligible users = Less amount of users flying on Expert Server
Less amount of user flying = Less amount of IFATC controlling
Less amount of IFATC controlling = Less amount of pilots

And on we go. Downward spiral. Empty server.


I don’t the solution would be to remove G3 access. I’m Grade 3, 100 Violations since Live came out, so I wouldn’t think I should be excluded. And it’s difficult to make new rules, I’ve seen bad pilots at a 1.000 hours and 1.000.000 XP. It’s complex to make new rules, and limit more from accessing the Expert Server. There were a discussion somewhere on the forum not too long about it. But it’s difficult, and a lot of variables to take into account. Also, they need us to want to pay for the simulator, restricting access might lead to decreased subscribers which is bad for business.


the fact that we started talking about expert server eligibility lol
anyways, i still feel kinda bad for VI-NNY, had to deal with some unrealistic people who are just annoying.

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Because what it all usually boils down to in these discussions is just that - eligibility. And that’s an equation that we’re all still waiting for the become perfect.

I don’t think anyone is arguing that it’s annoying when you meet people that behaves like they were literally born yesterday. But the best option is usually to just shrug it off, as it would be in real life.

Because out of 100 pilots you come across in the Expert Server, there probably won’t be more than 1-2 of them that are behaving badly. And I honestly think I’m rounding up a bit there.


tbh yea - the more someone thinks about someone negative, the more it is going to bug them. frustrating - yes. but enough to ruin your mood for like the whole day is probably too much.

there, to be honest, especially after the report butten is greyed out, is not much you can do.

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I can understand you and we all often feel this way and it is felt more and more. But the other side could now argue that the wind from 057 with 7kts so a start on the 25 is of course still completely permissible. Maybe they acted according to IRL. Man doesn’t know

And that unfortunately won’t be changed. Because that would give the ones that are annoying and don’t really know what they’re doing the ability to use that same button and do a whole lot of more damage. Been through that already :)


That was an interesting period, indeed.

ive seen this happen to many people and i had it when i was running an event into Funchal and he just kept cutting in front baring in mind we are landing from the challenging runway with the short final and stuff, as we parked he would speed and sit in the gate we are planing to park in

Not to be rude or anything, but I don’t get why your so upset about this, you took off of a different runway on a opposite side of the airport, maybe you should mind your own business and he might be new to ES, so just ignore him and enjoy your flight.


I understand you frustration but calling someone an idiot doesn’t help.


I have been seeing more unprofessional behavior on the expert server as well. I still feel that the change should have made as it now allows a larger playing base for the expert server and helps the sim out. My thought is why not create a test or a check ride similar to ifatc. Or a tutorial could be created for the expert server. I feel that this would assist the new users to the server. Unfortunately we are always going to have the pilots that got to expert by farming landings, xp, and flight hours and there is not really anything that could happen use they get a violation.


I believe that more than half of the people on the ES don’t know what red and green runway means and they just take-off/land from/on the runway that is the closest