EDDF-CYVR // Airbus A330-300 // Lufthansa Airlines || CYVR-PHNL // Boeing B737-800 // WestJet Airlines

Hi everyone, yesterday I achieved my sixth great topic on the IFC, this really means a lot to me, Thank you soo much guys!

So lets get to the screenshots for todays flights!

So for todays flight we have EDDF to CYVR in the A330-300 Lufthansa with @jaypzs!

Flight Details

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 8 hours
 Plane: Airbus A330-300 ( Lufthansa Airlines
 Route: EDDF-CYVR!

@Andy_R (A-NR1) at the terminal with @jaypzs (Philippines 225).

A-NR1 Blasting out of Frankfurt, while @AdamCallow (M-AGIC)!

A-NR1 touching down at Vancouver!

A-NR1 at the gate with Philippines 225!

So for the second flight of the day we have CYVR-PHNL in the B737-800 WestJet with @LesterXavier!

At the terminal with @LesterXavier (F-RIES)

A-NR1 giving way to aircraft exiting runway 08L!

A-NR1 departing runway 08L, while F-RIES is lining up!

A-NR1 doing the very rare 26L Reef Arrival at Honolulu!

Tail shots at the gate!

I want to thank @jaypzs and @LesterXavier for the joining me on my flight!

I also want to thank @AlphaDeltaGolf or the amazing service at EDDF, the CYVR team for the amazing service @Gritz , and @Alexandre and lastly I want to thank the PHNL team for the amazing service @axios00 and @Suhas!

That’s all for today folks! Let me know which was your favorite, what I can improve on or what you’d like to see me do next.

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Nice photos!!

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Thank you soo much @MJP_27 !

Great photos! The runways in use at PHNL were quite unique, but understandable as it was very busy, I was spotting and I saw 4 planes overrun the 22s at Honolulu.

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Thank you soo much @Pilot_Felix, I was soo lucky to have the 26L Reef Arrival at Honolulu, and RIP to those who overshoot the runway.


@Andy even though that’s the real procedure irl, most pilots in if don’t know how to do that visual approach and it’s super easy to overshoot and have to go around, IFATC just permits straight ins to 26L (which gives me supreme cringe) and hopes none of the aircraft hit the mountains.

This is why even when winds are permitting 26s, if PHNL has to deal with extreme traffic, IFATC must still use 8s. Here is the one and only procedure IFATC can use at PHNL that will efficiently cope with extreme traffic, such as certain times today where it was super busy.

8L and 4R arrivals
8R for departures (multiple aircraft can quickly cross 8L between arrivals without causing a hazard, aircraft don’t have to wait for arriving aircraft or crossing aircraft, so it’s unlikely that a line line will accumulate, but if a long line does form, then there is plenty of space for it because of the two long taxiways feeding it)
4R/4L for light ops


Oh I see, are you from PHNL?

Awesome shots! Some of the angles are really cool and interesting!

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Thank you soo much @NoahM!

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No I’m not from Hawaii, I’m actually from Montana, I have just studied PHNL for a long time and what does and doesn’t work there. It’s a very unique airport for sure.


Oh thats cool!

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Always my pleassure. ;)

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Thank you again for joining me on my flight!

Hey, it was a pleasure to vector you into Vancouver. Amazing pics as always

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Thank you soo much for the amazing service!

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Such a good photos! Thanks :)


Thank you soo much @MADCAT, and welcome to the Forum!


Funnily enough, I went to HNL in March 2018, and the entire evening I arrived, traffic was doing that approach. I have some shots of it but they’re all terrible

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Hmm nice, do you mind if I see the shots?