EDDF Atc switching flight numbers

I was flying into Frankfurt with Condor. Frankfurt director confused me with another Condor plane and kicked me without any reason. Now I have to wait 7 days to get into expert again. Is there any way to report him?

No need to criticize atc for a mistake, we are humans too, contact appeals.



I’m sorry to hear that you received a report in the Expert Server. However, there is no need to call out controllers in public. We all are humans and can make mistakes. The best thing to do initially is to PM the controller and discuss with them. Then, if you feel the report wasn’t justified, feel free to contact the Appeals Team. Here is a topic which can be useful for you to understand better the process.

Yeah maybe. But we pilots as well.

Contact Appeal , and send them your Replay . Or talk to supervisor


Please contact appeals and be respectful while talking to them. Please make sure that you have your replay ready because they may ask for them.

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Handling in appeals