EdCruz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello IFC!

Welcome to my tracking thread, I’m currently in the IFATC recruitment process. I’ll will be opening up ground and tower frequencies for you to come and do some T&G!

Status: Closed

Airport: N/A

Server: Training Server

I hope you can help me! Also if I do something wrong, please don’t be afraid to tell me, I’ll be thankful

If something is wrong in this thread, please tell me


Looks great! Feel free to tag me when you open and I’ll try to stop by. Best of luck to you with the recruitment process!

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I think it’s called Training server?

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Oh yeah, thanks! Sorry about that, I was about to go to sleep 😅

Thank you!

I’ll open tower and ground at 15:30Z


I’m opening Ground and Tower in 2 minutes*

I’m open, please come and do some amazing T&G!

Hey there, I was 6DM. Here’s my feedback.

First Session

  • One: TBMs can’t pushback; you should’ve ignored my pushback request and had me taxi instead.
  • Two: When I requested a frequency change on the ground, a “You were already instructed to change freq.” would’ve sufficed. Taxi instructions grant aircraft permission to change to tower.
  • Three: Didn’t sequence SEVP until after you cleared them as number 2; sequencing comes first.
  • Four: Adjust speed command wasn’t needed; you should’ve just sequenced me on my crosswind and I would’ve adjusted distancing and speed appropriately.
  • Five: Clearance was a bit later than I’d like for my second pattern; try and get them on the early downwind instead of waiting until I’m about to turn base.
  • Six: Handled the runway change quite well, but you forgot to clear me, hence the go-around.
  • Seven: Exit runway command was given after I was already on the taxiway, so you should’ve just had me contact ground instead.

Second Session

  • One: Good on the transition.
  • Two: You forgot to give me a pattern entry when I called inbound; you just sequenced me to follow A-CASTA.
  • Three: You had enough time to clear HOLAED before A-CASTA landed and before I landed. That would’ve prevented the eventual go-around for A-CASTA (which you did great on, btw).
  • Four: Since I called inbound for landing, you could’ve just cleared me to land instead of the option.
  • Five: A bit late on the runway exit

I think you’re off to a decent start; the major things I’d focus on are pattern instructions and sequencing. Sometimes you sequence them, sometimes you don’t. Make sure you consistently sequence aircraft that are going to be following each other. Same with your pattern instructions; make sure you’re 100% solid on when to use them. Other than that, everything else is pretty minor. Feel free to ask me any questions!


Thanks for your feedback! I’ll work hard to improve those things

Today I’ll open Tower and Ground at PGUA

Airport: PGUA

Time: 15:00Z

Server: Training Server


I’m open at PGUA, please come and do some pattens!

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I’ll come along and do some patterns, give me 5

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You’re off to a great start!

Good things:

  • Clearing me for the option
  • Ignoring my pushback request and telling me to taxi
  • Duplicate frequency change
  • Good use of hold short

Things to work on:

  • Don’t know why you told me unable on the runway change?
  • Exit runway command came extremely late (at around 20knots) when i was already exiting the runway. Try to give it at around 70 for jets.

Overall your showing great signs, especially as you’ve started to rectify issues previously mentioned

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Thanks for you attend, I really appreciate your feedback!

That was my fault, I got confused 😕

I didn’t know you were inbound for landing (full stop)
When I noticed I sent you to exit runway when able

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No worries and yeah i understand. Watch out for it though because it’s up to the pilot whether to announce it or not

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I’m coming

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  • good pattern entry when i change to 06L but when you cleared me you didn’t tell me to make left traffic after the option
  • exit runway command given at 75 knot. should be below 70 knots.
  • good transition for z-tube
  • no pattern entry for z-tube at the end there

also when z-tube requested departure to the south you don’t need to wait for him to request frequency change

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Hey. As you know, I was IFC - Z-Tube, LYVA001. Here’s my feedback.

  1. Great job with the runway change. Pattern instruction was great!

  2. Not sure why you told me to go around. There were no aircrafts in the area that would’ve affected my landing.

  3. You didn’t need to wait for me to request a frequency change when I requested departure to the south.

  4. Great transition altitude!

  5. Needed a pattern instruction since I was inbound. It should’ve been enter straight in.

  6. Good job with the exit runway command. 70 knots is appropriate.

Overall you did well. You have the basics and you need to fine tune some things here and there. If you keep utilizing your thread you’ll be able to apply for IFATC in no time!

Ignore that C130J. He was rude and him telling changing his callsign to “REALLY” “COMEON” and “LEARNATC was not appropriate. I have the screenshots saved as well.