Ed Force landed at Schiphol

Yess! A special airplane, the Boeing 747-400, the TF-AAK is of Iron Maiden’s Ed Force one is landed at runway 27 at Schiphol! Welcome in the Netherlands!


Why did it land here

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either the wings got tired of all the flapping…or Iron Maiden are due to play a concert… :-)


I heard thear is a concert here in the Netherlands, but it’s not close to me.


This might be an unpopular opinion, and question, but why is this Ed Force One given so much attention? In my opinion, the livery looks absolutely horrific (then again, I’m not much of a horror/hard rock/scary things type o’ guy)

Sorry if this offends or upsets anyone :)


Yea they ruind a perfectly good 747 :( shame on them if it was a Airbus I wouldn’t care but a 747 just no

If they ruined an airbus I would be really pissed. No Airbus (or any other plane) should go through the torture of a paint job like that.

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Huh? The B744 and A388 both have 4 engines… Only the An-225 has 6

Lol you are so gullible

That is definitely an edit

Ive notice that’s why I deleted it

What’s the app you’re using? @Snelweg_A15

Because it’s Iron Maiden! How many bands tour with a 747 frequently captained by the lead singer?
It’s pretty awesome.


I guess that’s pretty cool. You don’t see that too often.

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Here you can see it at my local airport

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