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ECoops123’s Radar Tracking Thread

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Trainer approved

Hi all,

I’ve been in Radar Training for a little while now, and am moving onto the Training Server to give a chance to train more. It would be great if you can come along. Below is all the required information about your flying and my controlling:

Your Flying ettique - and basic knowledge

As you’re flying for ATC Training purposes, it’s expected for you to be professional and to follow all instructions, even if it does means your flight will crash into terrain. If I do vector you way from your filed flight plan, or away from the runway, I will be doing it for a reason, so please follow the instructions!

Following all instructions and giving direct, exact feedback to this thread as soon as possible is the best way I can learn, and change an error I may have

My controlling - what I can, and can’t do

So I am IFATC, however I have permission from my Trainer to control for training purposes only, on the Training Server at specific airports.

Making it clear now, I cannot report, and will avoid sending any non-Expert Server command This means if a troll or someone not following instructions is in the area, I personally will not report them. I can however contact a moderator to report a user if it is believed as intentional trolling and a purposeful disturbance/distraction from my training.

Your Help In My Training

So what can you do? Here’s how you can help:

  • Let me know you’re coming. It would help me knowing your callsign, so I’d be able to contact you here on the IFC, or recognize you in game for any reason.

  • Ideally spawn in at one of the recommended airports if in a larger aircraft or to simulate arrivals, not somewhere right next to the airport expecting a very short approach.

  • Follow all instructions, look out for any issues of my controlling, and report back to me on this thread.

Reporting An Issue

Here’s what to look out for in my controlling. Please report in the thread here at the end of my session of all the times I violated one of these rules.

  • Terrain bust: Must remain above 1,000ft AGL when not on a cleared approach, climbing from an airport, and/or actively being controlled on my frequency.

  • Seperation bust: Must remain a minimum or 3nm horizontal, and 1,000ft vertical distance between other aircraft.

  • Issue intercepting: Should intercept before the ILS cone begins, at a heading of 30⁰ off or less.

  • Inefficiency: If you believe you could’ve got to the runway significantly quicker safely.

Airport information:

LJLJ - Ljubljana

Status Information
Airport/Frequency LJLJ Approach
Runways in use 30
Accepted approaches ILS, GPS, RV, Visual, Filed FPL
Comments Please follow all instructions!
Recommended Airports Anywhere nearby

Trainer: @Drummer


Cries: I already miss Expert Server 😢

Someone’s taxiing through the airport… -_-

That report button is so tempting but I must not… 😂


Welcome to my world :)

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Sorry had to go early. I’ll give feedback soon.

No worries!

Thanks for coming along.

Nevermind, I’ll be back. Can I go in an X-Cub or too small.

It should be fine :)

Give me a challenge 😜

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Open at OAKB on TS (for 1 hourish). First time controlling here so expect mountain crashes… 😛

Edit: closed

That was perfect had no problems whatsoever and have a great visual approach, thanks for having me!

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