Ecoops123's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A (Passed)

Hi all!

After a long break I’ve decided to make work again to provide the best service possible to all pilots. So for those hundreds who have PM’ed me in the last 6 months, this is my thread and a hopefully more satisfying experience. (For those who don’t know I was previously IFATC)

Feel free to test my skills in any area, I’ll be opening at airports with parallel runways across the world 🙂

All airport information will be posted below when open.

Approved Thread

This thread is approved by Tyler Shelton

Please leave all your feedback here! I’d love for the general community to see what I need to improve on directly from others.


LFBO / Toulouse is now closed!

Virtual ATIS Frequency:

ATIS information Charlie, Time 13:01 Zulu, wind 300 at 16kts, Visibility 6, QNH 1023, unable to advise on any contact, you have information Bravo.

I hope to be open for a few hours

Edit: was open for 2½ hours

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Thanks for popping round @ThomasR!

Let me know of any feedback if possible, thanks! ☺️

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Thanks for the service @Ecoops123!
Everything perfect, nothing to report. 👏

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Great! Thanks for the pop-round!

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Hey there brother😄👋🏽. What time you planning on opening today?

Sorry, I literally just closed after 2½ hours!

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I would of came. Tag me next time it is open

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Oh your all good. Ill be aware if the next time you open

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Can you tag we when you open again?

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Sure. I’ll tag you on Slack since it’s a much quicker way to notify you 😉

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Will be opening within the next half hour at EDDL Dusseldorf!

@United2 @Kevinsoto1502 @JulietTango


I am spawning in

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EDDL Dusseldorf is now closed!

Virtual ATIS:

Dusseldorf ATIS information Alpha, Time 13:33 Zulu, wind 260 at 11kts, Visibility 6, QNH 1022. Departing runways 23L, 23R, Landing runways 23L, 23R. Unable to advise on any contact, you have information Bravo.

Will be open for an hour-ish

I’m opening Dusseldorf both becuase of training purposes, and becuase of my flyout ;)

Control session time: 1:01


I see what you are doing the parellel landings. Smart

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I’m using the type of airports that are generally used or the such in IFATC training.


This is what they would do. I am going to do something

it would be much more clean than that

Sorry about the sequencing there was a lot shorter distance than I realised.

Its good my game just crashed

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