Ecoops_123's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi fellow aviators!
PLEASE NOTE I do already have a ATC tracking thread, but it’s been a while, so I’ve both improved my skills and I can’t edit it any more probably due to inactivity.

I’m hoping to get some commercial out outbound flights too.

Please leave me your feedback below!

Also if you’re wondering what it means by [OPENING], I can’t decide of an airport to pick, and also since during my IFATC practical a random airport gets chosen, so I quickly study the basic taxi ways, and follow them during your flight! 🤠

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Wait I’m comin…

Just thinking of a plan

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Apologies i had to close @anon45500775. I just got suddenly called by my family and i gtg. I’ll try to come back later.

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I might try to come later
(Fixes the title for you)

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Hey thanks for controlling! :D

Here is what i noticed:

When you gave me go around i was #2 not number 1 All nippon 18 was #1
And transition was a bit to high i would say 2500/3000 would be your best bet :D

Anyways great controlling!

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Yeah by the time i fnnished the command you were still behind the runway on my screen, so i was going to correct it, but shortly disregarded it.

Again with the transition, i wasn’t exaclty sure which runway to plop you on (That’s British for ya) so i put you at a higher altitude until i could work out the runway you could be given clearance on. Also becuase i had a brand new Grade 2 troll who immediatly took off on the ocean, then crashed, respawned and actually tried making contact, again with newbies being reluctant to taxi to the correct runway, he just kept going towards the closed.

I gave you the ‘Enter left downwind 16R’ a little early, to mix in with @AlphaSeven (Thanks for the title change) as it was both easier and safer to taxi and take off Runway 16R

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I don’t know where to start, so first reply of a decent airport (for training server) I’ll open for my thread!

I wont accept: KLAX, EGLL, EGLC, LFPG, KSFO, KFJK.

go to EDDT . is my main training base! see you there ~

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Ok! I’ll be active at EDDT at Berlin!

I’ll most likely switch pattern work to 26R if there is loads, which is never 😂


Hey thanks for controlling, just have some few things as feedback

  1. I tricked you, most AG planes (small planes, like MB Xclub etc) dont have a pushback function. So if you see these kind of planes, command “Taxi to…”

  2. When I reported that I was on final, full stop you said that you already cleared me to land and avoid unnecessary reports. However, you cleared me for the option, which means “An approach requested by a pilot that allows either a touch and go, missed approach, low approach, stop and go, or full-stop landing”.

Therefore I am reporting that I will do a full-stop. the only thing you have to do then is to say “Roger” and when I buttered the landing after 70-60 knots to say Exit RWY (left or right). (I think that is the procedure, if that isn’t the case then correct me)

Nice patternwork tho!

Ya still open?

EDDT is still open

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Thanks, I will go do some patterns.

im on my way

Hey there, @Ecoops123.



Superb job with sequencing and clearances for the entire duration, nice job.

Transition Altitude

When you gave me my transition, you didn’t respond the first time, so I repeated my request, and you gave me an altitude of 1,500ft, which is incorrect for that airport. You should’ve given me a transition altitude of 3,000ft or above.


When you said “check surroundings”, the aircraft I assume you were mentioning was 2,500ft below me, even though I was on top of him, our altitudes were far enough apart that you wouldn’t have needed to use that.

Last thing:

This is small, but next time when using the exit runway command, you should’ve combined your Exit Runway command and crossing command like this:

"Exit runway when able, cross runway 26R, please expedite"

Other than that, nice job!

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From the clearances you gave me I didn’t notice anything that was wrong so great job mate.

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@Menthesuphisth Did you say Full Stop? Sorry about that. Also just check up on your pattern work speeds. You were landing at 130-150 knots in a SR22, which is seriously high speed. You should be landing around half that. Also I realised the pushback. Since you did request a pushback I was going to watch what you were going to do and react in the correct way (eg not cleared to taxi).

@Niccckk Sorry about the transition, I should have checked the altitude of the airport. I didn’t respond first time because about 2-3 miles out you flipped around at 2,000ft - 3,000ft on the ILS 08L, as an F-14 was taking off for pattern work in a F-14. I immediately gave you a traffic alert instruction to keep you aware of your surroundings. You then requested again whilst overhead, I couldn’t respond to the transition until you asked again, so was a bit helpless there.

Also I was expecting you all to return to your GA gates on your side of the airport so I didn’t send the ‘cross runway’ command :).

@Qantas094 Thanks. I had to respond to a go around by @anon41771314, which by the way, what was that? You started a pretty quick speed for a take off clearance, and held position as an aircraft was entering final. I cancelled your take off clearance and told you to exit the runway. I’ll research into this more so I don’t have what I just remember to factual.

Many pilots don’t realize that A), they are unable to push back due to their aircraft, or B), are in a location where they are unable to push back. Therefore, it is the controller’s responsibility to send them the correct command, whether the pilot was right or not. If you hear them request for pushback/taxi when it should have been the opposite, simply reply with the correct reply and move on.

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@Menthesuphisth Sorry you were right. My fault.

@Niccckk Although you weren’t as close as I remember, I think you can understand why I gave you a traffic alert after you flicked round towards a flighter jet taking off.

@Qantas094 Nice Landing, you say you never crashed one… You were so lucky… I saw that ‘Landing’…

@anon41771314 … I think my reason is here…

No comment, my tiny screen…

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Once again, you should’ve taken note that I was almost 3,000 feet above that pilot…

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