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Hi all aviators out there!

I am currently halfway through my TSATC, and thinking about IFATC again, so I thought 'why not give this a try again? I believe I have previously made a very bad ATC thread, but that will be deleted. This is my permenant one. I am basing it around 2 airports, CYVR, for large aircraft and for my Infinite Flight point of view, and EGMD for my small aircraft, and for my personal experience, since this is the airport I am training my PPL at. I have listed below a map of each airport, and very simplified flights you can take from there. This is merged into 1 thread, rather than having 2 and getting confused

EGMD - Lydd Ashford Airport

This airport it home to 2 flight clubs (TG Aviation, and Lydd Aero Club - my PPL.)and one airline (Lydd Air). It is also very common for touch and goes to occur here for young pilots in their training.

Suggested flights: EGMC London Southend, EGKA Brighton/Shoreham, LFAC Calais.

NOTAM: Use open runway only, aircraft permitted into airspace: C172, C208, XCub, Cessna Citation, TBM-930) there is no ground ATC. Taxi with realistic speeds. Feel free for touch and goes

CYVR - Vancouver International Airport

This airport is rated one of the best, and has some amazing Canadian artefacts, mostly wooden carvings. This is great for both short, medium and long haul flights across the world.

Suggested flights: KSEA, CYUL, CYYZ, CYYJ, KSFO, KLAX, EGLL, EGKK, RJAA, PHNL. You decide the airline and aircraft, this is only for ideas not factual information.

NOTAM: Only depart Runway 12/30 if you are a propeller aircraft. Any small GA or military aircraft please spawn in and only use the South East gates and Aprons as parking. Use open runways as mentioned. Be mindful of mountains North of the airport whilst remaining in the pattern. Feel free to control Departure and Approach. Follow all ATC commands. If you are a military aircraft beware of Aerobatic Manoeuvres, since this will lead to a ghosting. 08L, 08R and 12 are currently in use.

Please PM me your opinion on how well you think I controlled. This will clean up a lot of random clutter in this topic, and be more direct. I am more than happy to talk to you 1 to 1.


Hello there, lovely airport. I was not sure why you would want a big heavy military aircraft depart R/W12 but I can take off and land on anything.
So for your main feedback - you didn’t handle my runway change or my inbound for landing correctly.
When I requested a runway change to you failed to give me a pattern instruction. You only cleared me for the option. This meant I didn’t know which way you wanted me to turn. So I turned left to show you importance of pattern instruction. I was flying at 1200ft across your take off runways which would have been a fireball if you had someone taking off. Always give pattern intruction on runway change.
Similarly you failed to give me a pattern intruction after my transition when I called inbound for landing. You also failed to sequence me after the corporate jet. The correct response should have been “enter left downswind runway 08R, number 2 traffic to follow is on left downwind” and follow this up with the clearence to land. You correctly gave me an exit runway command but the expedite was unnecessary, he was miles away.
Thanks for your service, it was enjoyable session.


How are you? Thank you for your service.
I was Corporate 187

  • When I switched to Tower and requested remain in pattern you gave me “cleared for take off”, hence why I reported in bound touch and go when I got airborne.

  • When I requested runway change you did well with pattern instructions.

  • I’m sure G-man will come at ya with his remarks about transition levels and pattern entry with sequencing. I think he is IFATC

So for your future controls. For new aircraft coming into the pattern give a pattern instruction followed by a sequence. Always make sure your aircraft know where to enter the pattern (if just getting there or switching runway) and who to follow.

Again ty


As for the transition I realised you made a mistake with 8000ft so I requested again. Anything 2500-5000 is acceptable for airport at sea level. I usually pick 2500 if I can.


Yes I will admit I saw many mistakes and was in my mind saying ‘shall I shall I not shall I…’ also dozing off which I was seriously trying not to do. After I gave you the instruction to taxi to Runway 12 I was questioning is that right? But just didnt think much. My idea was to set you up for right downwind 08R and keep you in that pattern. Personally I think this is the worst ATC I have given the community. I got very confused wit the transition for a second (I need to learn on that more) and gave you what I thought was a ridiculous 8,000ft just thinking of CYVR’s airspace. I couldn’t re-send the transition which I guess is why you requested again. You only requested to land one directly over the airport, which was a pretty nice flyby, have to admit that. I learnt your personality flying in IF yesterday, I was the Spitfire at EGLC. My plan was to fly from Duxford to Normandy as part of the MayDay flyover which I watched. But i soon realised my aircraft just swallowed the fuel way too quickly and about 15% left i landed at EGLC, and manages to crash the aircraft somehow when a slight bit of crosswind hit. I did need to direct you a lot more, with my idiotic mistake of thinking ‘well I’ve told you about the option and right traffic he’ll be just fine’ … watching as you are making your way round, which is also why I quickly notified you to enter Right Downwind Runway 08R. I also meant to just say ‘please expedite rather than Traffic is on base.’ Sorry for the service but thank you for being part of this Thread. I will try this again when I am less tired 😅.

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Ground, Approach, and parts of Departure is what I am best at. I enjoy Approach the most. With tower I can only do very simple basics.


Actually yes… forgot about that. I did give you a very simple ‘cleared for takeoff.’ I thought you were another aircraft departing and not visited the IFC. It was only until you announced a touch and go. I didn’t fully understand why you requested a runway change, maybe to clear traffic for 08L, even though there was none. I gave you the runway change which was very delayed. I first went to clear you fir the option, then realising my mistake from earlier I gave you a pattern to enter left base 08R very early. I was confused when you requested another runway change, so I did deny that request, thinking ‘are you just playing around with me a little?’ I am very unsatisfied with my controlling as tower today. I am usually better and need to research on transition. I was trying not to doze off, since last night until 4am I was organizing both real and simulated flights, with school in the morning. Happy Flying!

Also seeing you are new here Welcome! This is also why I thought because you didnt have many hours on record, thinking you were just departing like the rest.

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Don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes we will do things to you that you don’t expect on purpose. What I did for you is pretty standard. I do a couple of patterns, runway change, transition and then inbound for landing always overhead because it forces you to think quickly. I would love to master the spitfire. Cudos for anyone who can fly it and double for those who can land it.


I just wish it had a cockpit view Now THAT would be cool. I’d be flying it all the time between England and France. My next flight? 2 9 hour flights either of a DC10/MD11 or a 787.

I request runway change purposely. To see if you give me proper commands.
These examples apply to Runway changes/Go around

  • Pattern entry- if it’s the only aircraft heading to that runway. “Enter left/right downwind/base runwayXX”

  • Or a pattern entry with a sequence-if there are other aircraft heading to that runway. “Enter left/right downwind/base runwayXX, numberX traffic to follow is …”

  • follow up with the clear for the option with patten instruction. “…, number X, clear for the option after the option make left/right traffic.”
    note: for aircraft taking off for the first time remaining in pattern your issue of “…,clear for take off, make left/right traffic is the permanent traffic pattern until you or pilot changes runways or patten entry. There is no need to keep issuing a traffic pattern otherwise.
    My suggestion when opening a thread is to expect pattern work and lots of runway changes and even guys barreling in on final to cause go around

I really hope this helps

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EGMD is currently open (this comment/post is to bring this to the readable section of the forum rather than 2 weeks ago)

Please note EGMD doesn’t have any Ground. Do not request back taxi. Just either don’t contact or use unicom towards runway 21. Use a Cessna Citation as the maximum sized aircraft, (NO MILITARY JETS!) I will have to be partially afk in 15 mins so I will broadcast a message saying (frequency is busy, expect delays). I will try to respond ASAP but expect a delay up to 15-20 seconds. I don’t believe I can be fully free after that. Don’t let that fool you though I’ll probably have immediate reactions.

CYVR is now open for all patrern work, departures and arrivals! I will most likely switch pattern work to 08R. Please maintain 1,500ft during your pattern. I have studied a lot after my last try at training. Hopefully this will be more successful 😉

No one? This isn’t looking successfull 😟

Hey, remember me! I’ll come. Give me a minute…

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Sure! Ok, are you the SR22?

No, I’m the 175 that just spawned in.

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Oh ok, because the SR22 was doing 33-38knts taxi 🤦‍♂️

Wow, that pretty close to takeoff speed!

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Oh, I didn’t realize I didn’t need push back. I feel like an idiot for backing into what is probably some de-iceing thing.

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Hi, sorry couldn’t stay for long, but after giving a traffic direction to an aircraft on takeoff, you don’t need to mention the traffic direction again after clearing for the option.
Hope this was helpful :)

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