Ecoops_123’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi! I am a normal IF Pilot (what a convincing start) of whom yesterday, just started flying in real life for my PPL. My home airport is Lydd Ashford Airport. We will be using Runway 03, ILS is equipped. I flew in a PA28. This isn’t for IFATC training*, so I will probably make several mistakes, but it is to get used to this airfield and the traffic that surrounds it. There are very rarely aircraft sizing up to Cessna Citations here. Usually only small props run here. I want to get used to the feel of this airspace and personally sequencing for landings and touch and goes. I don’t mind how many of you want to come. Ground and Departure ARE NOT supported here. I have been up the ATC tower myself. It is literally a 3 story high orange block. Around the space of a car. I will be Tower, there is no need for Approach, but I wouldn’t mind if someone did. The only frequency this airport actually uses is Approach. Due to the size, there is no need for unicom. As I previously mentioned, I apologise for any mistakes I make during communication, if you feel the need to contact me about it… then tbh I can’t really be bothered yet. 😂. But don’t hesitate because I am bound to get confused somehow 😂.

This airport is good for 30 min - 1hour flights to
London all terminals.
Many more. (Sorry I cannot quickly get airport names)

Sorry I had to close this because I am having a bug. No ATC sound is coming through. I can only hear the default background noise and engines. Even when I restart the app.

*Ok, so got told to not post this since it isn’t IFATC? Ok, actual ATC I am a student pilot wanting to learn about the airspace around here. And I applied for IFATC but the recruiter has not replied back after several attempts. Wow, what a great community we are. Here to help each other? That diagram of the IFC was right after all.

Sorry, but the ATC category is designed for people in process of joining IFATC, hence your topic should not be allowed as you state that you have no intention of joining IFATC.
Read more here: About ATC Category

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