Ecoops_123’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (PASSED WRITTEN)

Hey everyone! Here is my old not-able-to-edit thread

And the one before which was terrible 🙄


Congratulations with passing writing test🥳. I want to do Some Pattern work but unfortunately I need to study for German😐

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Oof. And thanks! I study German as a language!

I would recommend opening a airport with parallel runways. This is what you will be tested on in your practical.

A example is GCLP or KPSP


I did think of this, but finding an airport that would get attention quickly would have been difficult.

A Tracking thread is more about quality then quantity, I would recommend PSP as it’s close to LAX.

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Anywhere away from LAX 😂…

German airports are good

OK, popping down :)

KSAN is close to LAX

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(@Ecoops_123 .exe has stopped working)

But… wha… ho…

Ok Mr smarty…

I’m just gonna give up…

I wanted to reccomend you this too, therefore I went away. If your practical are in a few hours. I’d advise you to search for an airport near big traffic. Eventhough there’d be trollers etc, just see that as experience etc how to deal with that. I do not say to go to KLAX or EGLL, but to KPSP or KONT for example

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I think I might go to EDDB (Berlin).

@Ondrej are you fine with that?

Hey, i’m done studying for the diagnostic test tomorrow. So What airport?

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EDDB. I’m switching over now. I’ll be active for just under half an hour

Okay, i’m gonna do Some pattern work…
I’ve a question: when does a landing count for a landing?

i want to get to Grade4 that’s why

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When you touch on the runway,.

It doesn’t count one for 30 seconds after though.

You should be perfectly fine. You can see your landings in the status tab too at the bottom.

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Thanks, i’ll spawn just now

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Well, yes because I already departed :)

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Sorry everyone I have to move from one house to another. Be back in about ten minutes.

aww :( you passed your written

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