Economy passenger decides to take a nap under some seats

Economy, it’s where most of us sit. Whether it’s the 57-second hop between Westray and Papa Westray or the 22-hour leap between Sydney and London Heathrow, you are sitting upright seats with little recline all the way. However, one passenger refused that seating situation without paying any extra money while annoying the hell out of other passengers

The passenger, on an unknown airline, laid down on the floor tucking themselves under multiple occupied seats to get some shut-eye. Nothing more is known about why someone in the right mind would do that or why she wouldn’t just pay for business class. A truly weird and messed up thing to do

The passenger having some shut eye on the floor full image credit


Imagine all the drink spills and food spills that have been on that floor… and i dont think it’d be very clean under those chairs either


So, this is the first time I have ever heard this happen.

  1. Are they haveing a breakdown?
  2. That is quite dangerous.
  3. Personally, I try not to touch the floor because it’s 🤢

Or maybe they just didnt find the seats very comfortable

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That passenger is probably going to take a looooong hot shower when they get off that plane


I thought under the seats is where life jackets are stored inside a compartment? How did he squeeze though

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It may be in the seat in front

I feel like this should be in one of those “How to survive a long flight” videos 😂

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That poor man just sitting, minding his own business, and then a head just pops out of the space in front his feet. “Oh hello there! You wouldn’t mind if I took a nap down here? Thank you!” Without even letting him say if he minded.

Omg, doesn’t that passenger know the filthiest part on an airplane is the floor?

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Thought it was the trays tables and seat back pockets😂


A bit off topic, but if Qantas has upright economy seats on a 22-hour flight… just no.

They’d probably exclude Economy and do some sort of Premium Economy with a better recline…

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I don’t know if I would call it a “messed up thing to do” There’s always the possibility that she may have some issue where sitting for that long of a flight just got too uncomfortable. And could not afford the higher class.

At least they didn’t pay $5,000+ for a flat bed seat 😂 still not right though 🙄

QF1, I don’t imagine it would be too pleasant…

Well this is definitely the weirdest and funniest thing I’ve seen today - and its only 8am!

help me…

I’ve seen someone do this in a middle isle of a Qantas 747. Him and a friend occupied a whole middle row and his friend was sleeping across all 3 seats while he slept in the floor of that. I think the FA put and end to that as soon as he noticed though.

That’s smart - they both get to stretch out - WIN WIN!

However the man on the floor - get up BOI!

QF1 isn’t bad, it has around the same flying time as most United States to Asia flights, and its about 2-3 hours less than Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth.

There’s a reason why Qantas went for 32 inches of pitch on its 789s that operate PER-LHR rather than the industry-standard 31 inches (reduce weight and add space).

Singapore Airlines’ longest flight on the A350-900ULR doesn’t even have economy class.

I like QF1, much better than having to go through all that security at Dubai