Hello Everyone, Aftab here!
Welcome to my ATC tracking thread, the main purpose for this test is for me going to apply for IFATC after meeting the requirements of 500 operations by your help :)! Any feedback is appreciated always. looking forward for you help and time at my controlling.
Thank You!


Hello Everyone,
Please I would request if you are free to stop by @EHAM
and feel free to provide me feedback.

Current Status
Training Server
Pattern Work Allowed

Would love to drop by but I’m currently in a flight to Frankfurt. Could you possibly @ me the next time you open?

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sure @Kaven

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@Kaven are you free at KDFW?

I’ll come!

come on in!

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feedback is really appreciated!

Tips to improve:

ATC Feedback - You have a few mistakes you can work on. (P4-LOT)

  • [16:53:16:] Late clearance always try to clear on late crosswind or early downwind and in my clearance on final I was given a pattern direction only do this for inbounds and runway changes. 3.3 Inbounds | Infinite Flight

  • [16:58:01:] Unnecessary please check assigned runway I know my assigned runway I was just typing feedback it may have looked like I was going for 13R.

  • [17:04:32:] Gave me a exit runway command in the air but you corrected it but a missed exit runway command occured it’s ok though. 3.5 Exit Runway / Go-Around | Infinite Flight

Overall it was a good session just work on these mistakes and you will be good! Good luck!

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Thanks for your feedback, will learn and aim to serve you better :)!

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So sorry, I was asleep at that time!

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Hello Guys i am open at KLAX

Wow!! KLAX?

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Yup, its too busy at KLAX.

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Hey @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME, I would advise you not to open at KLAX for practice purposes as there will be some people who won’t follow your instructions and in turn it won’t help you in practicing / sharpening your skills. Avoid opening EGLL,KLAX,KSFO. Go for some less busy/less popular parallel runway airports.

Thanks, will be opening VOBL or VABB in a few minutes.

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VABB currently has 1sm visibility, so that won’t work as well. Also, it has intersecting runways. You’re good to open VOBL or VOHS.

Roger. VOBL is OPEN

Status: VOBL is OPEN
Training Server
Pattern Work Allowed :)