Eclipse or not?

I flew between Tel Aviv (LLBG) and Doha (OTHH) with an A350-900 Qatar Airways. I thought it was going to be a short, not so remarkable flight (apart from the scenery).
But no, instead, while I was lining up runway 08 (LLBG), I saw something that it very likely to be an eclipse.

This photo is not photoshopped or have any filter on.


Sirius XM is at it again with their satellite blocking the moon 🙃


Look at the AH, looks slightly colourised. It looks very colour focused


good spot. The colours seem a bit too bright

It actually could be a solar eclipse

Look at the date at the bottom

I often tried to get a picture of a solar eclipse multiple times and it hasn’t worked

The colours can actually vary with different graphical settings

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