Eclipse at LAX?

I was prepping a takeoff at LAX (@2am eastern) and came across this…that’s a solar eclipse right?


That would be a Lunar Eclipse because a solar eclipse is when the moon covers the sun which wouldn’t be out at 2am Eastern or 11pm local time. But it is cool how current astronomical events happen in IF

As far as I know, the most recent lunar eclipse happened on the 5th. This may be a known moon bug. I believe I’ve seen this before.

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Still cool as hell tho 😁

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I personally think it’s just the visibility which hides the moon a little bit. In all of my replays it helped to use max. visibility and the moon was visible as normal. You can try it out

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Simple answer IF doesn’t simulate eclipses, I changed the date to the day of the 2017 eclipse and time, and went to the totality place and there was no eclipse.

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