Echu's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

I don’t see you at YSSY?

Edit: That was like 10 minutes, try go little longer next time, it will take time aircraft to spawn. I will be looking forward with you next session or two or I have time.

Now open at KLGA ! You can do some patterns if you wish or just depart and make a really short flight to KJFK or even land in the hudson! (xd)

I would highly appreciate feedback.

Now open at KVAD! Come and join for doing some patterns if you wish.

All the feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks for coming.


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Feedback, no need to expedite ROOTBEER (@Ryan_Vidad) to cross 36L, no aircraft on final and base.


Oh, maybe had that mistaken as I thought that some aircraft was on final. I collapsed at the end when all of the aircraft doing patterns said “full stop”. I had to make sure I had a good separation and nobody was blocking the runway.
Thank you so much for coming!

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Couldn’t switch runways for me?

In some opportunities I couldn’t as the runways were parallel and both with departing aircraft, so I couldn’t put someone departing on 36L on 36R crosswind while I had another aircraft also departing from a touch and go and doing the pattern on 36R. On some opportunities I could, but on some I couldn’t. Sorry!

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Now open at EDDF for some training! I am having the test in two weeks. All the feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks for joining.

Now open at KSJC, please join me and some IFATC staff so you help in my training! I highly accept feedback!

Now closed, thank you!

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