Echu's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Hello IFC! This is my thread so I can improve my ATC skills and someday pass the practical IFATC test! I hope I can entertain you for some time while controlling and also you can give me some feedback of what I should improve.
I really appreciate if you can join and make some patterns or try some commands with me, thanks!

I am now open at NZAA

I will be here for some 15 minutes probably, all of you are invited to join!

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Make sure that you change the title from [closed] to [open @ ICAO]

Sure, thank you

I was N747BB
• Make sure you clear an aircraft for takeoff after the aircraft already taking off is airborne.
• Use “Disregard last message” or “Correction, stand by” if you made a mistake.
• Give me the clearance while I am on downwind, not when I am on upwind or crosswind.
• Exit runway should be given around 60 knots.
I am only nitpicking, this is my take away from a really solid job! Keep practicing, and you’ll be IFATC in no time! Thank you for the services!

  • Did I clear an aicraft for takeoff while another one was on the runway? I don’t think so, it would be really strange, as it was just 2 aircraft and for the other one I just said line up and wait, and cleared him for takeoff when you were on left crosswind.
  • Yes, I am really sorry for that, I totally forgot about it :)
  • My IFATC supervisor said that I can do it whenever I want, even when the airplane has lifted off. (Anyways thanks for your opinion)
  • Thank you for this correction, I will make sure to correct that.


He’s right. I’ve done it on upwind before. No biggie.

Oh, alright, I meant about Grizpac.
Anyways, I respect both opinions!

What I’m telling you is Kyle is wrong. You didn’t do anything bad.

Carry on. :)

Oh, sorry, again my misunderstood due to my mother language haha.
Appreciate it :)

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I was taught to do it during downwind by my trainer, but as long as you give the clearance, you are fine.

You cleared him for takeoff, but then you realized I was still on the runway and said “line up and wait”. No biggie. Again, everything was very solid, I’m only nitpicking. :)

Oh, wow, I didn’t realize of that, maybe I mistouched it, anyways I know that I shouldn’t know it, that’s the important thing.

Another thing to help you pass the practical, you should try controlling at airports with parallel runways, that way aircraft can request for runway changes.

Mhm, I already did today with my instructor.

I might come out today if you control

Open right now at KMIA for at least 10 minutes!
Hope I can see you :)

Now it is closed I appreciate if you give me some feedback.

@Kyle_Green @JoshFly8 I’ve also learned to give only give clearances once on crosswind…
Josh, are you talking about sequencing or clearing for the option?

Both, if there is only 1 plane you just clear it

Open now at YSSY!
I highly appreaciate feedbacks :)

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