Echo_Lan's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A - Opening at 3.26(tomorrow) 0220Z

I will open the ZLXY gnd and twr in TS from 3.26 02:20z to 3.26 03:30z . You also can flight in the partern. Thank you.

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Okay,I’ll see you then

Just finished my pattern work here,but there are some mistakes during your control
1.About “make left/right”.When clearing for the option, a “make left/right traffic” is only necessary when the plane changed runways. The plane will go left or right until you tell him differently.Please check reply at around 02:33 UTC
2.Sequences.At 02:43 UTC,I request to change to RWY 23r,and you give me enter left downwind,which is currect.However,the sequence you give have some problem.You ask me to traffic to follow is on final,but there is no plane on final,the other one is on right downwind,so you should give me “NO.2,traffic to follow is on right downwind”
3.About exit runway,exit runway should be given when aircraft is below 80 knots,I think you can send this instruction much earlier since I’ve already 30 knots on the runway.
At last,please check
And you can check Official Infinite Flight ATC YouTube Tutorials for further information.
Hope it is useful for you😊

I’d like to thank you so much for your practical suggestions. I’ll watch the tutorial more carefully.

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