Echo_lan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

In TS KADW. suppose partern .

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Hi there, thanks for hosting the session. Firstly, the transition, the airfield’s elevation is 233ft, give another 2500 for safety separation with jet pattern altitude, it will be 2723ft, however there are no such option, so I’ll suggest you clear the aircraft at at or above 3000ft to maintain sufficient vertical spacing. Secondly, the go-around call went early, turns out to be unncessary, before the go-around call, the 172 has alrdy started its roll again, but thats not really the big deal.

Hi there. I was the 172. A really good session on your side. Apart from the transition altitude being incorrect , i dont have any complaints. Just be sure to be quick in sending out the commands. Cuz i was waiting for the RW change instructions for like 20 secs. Other than these awesome. Looking forward to see you in the team. ;)

Hey @Echo_Lan! Great job. I was the Citation X. The only small thing I noticed was the LUAW you gave me. There was plenty of time to clear me for takeoff with no other conflicting traffic in the way as the Cessna was just landing. Small thing, but efficiency is everything!

Otherwise you did great! See you around!

Thank for everyone who join my Tracking Thread . And do you think I can pass the
practical exam ? @MattBrowns @Sportiva @NiharG

I’ll say you get some more trainings from proper IFATC trainers, and have their advice, as they are the pros in here.

I second @MattBrowns’ advice. I’m currently training with one of the IFATC trainers and I’ve learned a lot. However, if you think you’ll pass, go for it!

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I tried to connect trainers many times, but it didn’t work.

I think you should contact you recruiter instead, let him know the issue then, I’m sure someone will contact you then

You already had another Tracking Thread open. I closed the old one for you now. You can just keep using one thread for all your sessions, no need to create a new one everytime 😊

KADW is open now

I am Airbus 18, you did a good job throughout.

A little bit late on the go around command, I saw the A350 enter but it was a good 30 seconds before you reacted; I was at 200ft when you sent the command!

Also, your expedite runway exit was not particularly necessary as the A350 was at 5 miles when I got that command.

You also told me to cross 19L, the runway in use was 01R.

Otherwise, good job.

If able, just let me know your plan. Looking forward to do some circuit with

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