ECAir Livery for the 757

Continuing my requests for more diverse liveries in Africa I have a new airline suggestion-- ECAir

ECAir (PrivatAir) 757-200 WL HB-JJD (11)(Tko) HAM (GB)(46)-M

An airline that operated from Brazzaville but seased operating in 2016. The had mostly leased aircraft.

I miss labelled the post as general. My apologies


All good. Thought it was an accident also. Great livery.


No worries!

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Nice livery!


This should happen, I think! That livery is awesome! I think ECair had 763s, 733s, and 737-700s, so those would be cool too!

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Everyone, please vote for this!!! As stated in this thread, IF is adding liveries to boost aviation in underrated countries and diversity! I think Congo-Brazzaville needs more recognition, and I think this is good!


I like this idea,


Hey @757plus, can you give me a good reason on why I should vote for this topic? I understand that it’s not your topic but you can add a pocket of information peak the interest of the developers and the rest of the community.

I hope they will update the IF Brazzaville Airport though… It has only one stand and has no taxilines

ECAir was an airline that operated in Brazzaville to places in Europe and Africa, and they were about to start flights to China and the USA. However, none of those plans came to life as they ceased ops because of unpaid ASECNA debts and fiascos with Privatair, who leased most of their planes. Their fleet was 737-300s, 737-700s, 757-200s, and a 767-300ER. They did buy a 787-8 but due to the problems at the airline, it was never delivered. ROTC is already an underrated country and including their former flag carrier might give more recognition to the country.

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I am not too sure if this livery has been added to the 20.3 rework of the 757 although it is a nice livery and it should be added to the B757

AFAIK, I don’t think it is in 20.3. But, if this thread gets some votes, it just might be! :)

This livery sure reminds me of myself 🤔… That’ll annoy me if I see it in the Infinite Flight skies 😂


What do you mean?

Watch aviation6’s video it covers all the livery’s. (Ecair is coming to 20.3 for the 757)

Boys, we did it! It’s in Beta 20.3!!! LET’S GO!!!


@MishaCamp Time to close the books on this one :)

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