EBZW Spawn Location Bug

I think we put these in the Support category now, right?

EBZW doesn’t seem to have the Spawn Location correctly positioned.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select airport EBZW in Amsterdam region.
  2. Select only available Spawn point “Ramp”.
  3. Press Fly
  4. Enjoy remote start point and long taxi.

Here is where you spawn:

Can barely make out EBZW in the distance:


That´s quite a long taxi to the runway´s end.

Fly around the airport and take a look. It is a weird one. There is a concrete pad way off from everything else.

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This is one of the original X Plane imports. I have packed in for tonight. will redraw first thing in morning.
By the way just refreshed EGSS. Jetbridges removed
Main Schematic. http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=EGSS
Terminal map. http://kiltmchaggis.com/tikiwiki1/tiki-index.php?page=EGSST


I spawned in one of the runways, no problems. The ramp spawn point may have been badly placed.

The airport only has 1 spawn point. On solo you can always spawn on runway. Will fix in morning. Not a long job. Standard XPlane import junk.


No surprise that this airport is messed up! Spawn point not even close!

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The control tower was also next to the spawn point lol. Here is the zoom in close view of what I found

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